How long does a NanoCool last?

How long does a NanoCool last?

The packaging technology (developed by NanoCool) uses a special cooling device to evaporate water over time, maintaining a constant 2–8°C environment inside the package for up to 96 hours.

What is a Nano cooler?

NanoCool™ is a revolutionary product developed by NanoPore in conjunction an international consortium of recognized experts in the field of cold-chain logistics. Reduced freight costs leading from volume and weight reductions will reduce the overall cost to deliver temperature sensitive products.

What is FedEx cold chain?

Cold Chain transportation: You can trust us to keep our cool When your shipment must stay cool from pickup to delivery, you can count on FedEx Cold Chain Services. We’ll arrange specifically designed packaging or temperature-controlled air-cargo containers and exclusive-use vehicles for pickup and delivery.

Does FedEx sell insulated boxes?

Cold shipping boxes, packaging & containers Cold shipping package provided by FedEx can keep your temperature-sensitive shipments between 2°C and 8°C (35°F and 46°F) for 48 or 96 hours* without the weight, hassle and expense of using dry ice or gel packs. These containers provide cold temperatures for up to five days.

How do you keep things cool when shipping?

Things like bubble wrap, shipping peanuts, or even newspaper can help create buffers for your products that will keep them safe the entire trip. Dry Ice Packs has the best cold shipping materials, from ice packs for shipping to styrofoam cooler shipping kits.

What is temperature controlled packaging?

Temperature-controlled packaging for up to three temperature zones. The temperature-controlled packaging ensures that both temperature-sensitive and temperature-insensitive products can be shipped within one single packaging unit that can contain up to three different temperature zones.

Are FedEx trucks air conditioned?

Nearly two-thirds of the trucks used by FedEx, UPS’ main competitor, are leased, and the company doesn’t mandate that the vehicles be air-conditioned. FedEx told NBC News, however, that all of the more than 30,000 vehicles the company owns are air-conditioned.

Are FedEx warehouses air conditioned?

There is no air conditioning in the building but the faster and more efficiently you work, the less you notice about the environment.

Can you mail frozen food?

You can send frozen food via USPS, as long as your product is sufficiently packaged. USPS doesn’t offer any refrigerated packaging or transportation services, so your goods need to make it on their own. In addition to frozen gel packs, dry ice, or ice bags, it’s smart to put your product(s) in a plastic overwrap bag.

Is it OK to send chocolate in the mail?

Is it okay to send chocolate in the mail? Yes, it is okay, but keep in mind—chocolates melt at temps below 80 degrees. If you want to mail a package of chocolates, it’s a good idea to secure the chocolates with bubble wrap, then place them in an insulated box with a cold pack and seal the box very well before shipping.