How long do Yokohama Avid tires last?

How long do Yokohama Avid tires last?

The Avid Ascend (T) has an impressively long 85,000 mile treadwear warranty, followed by an impressive 100,000 miles of tread life as estimated by Consumer Reports.

Are avid tires good?

The Bottom Line: The Yokohama Avid Touring-S is a good Standard All Season tire for the money. It does not perform as well as some more expensive tires in wet, snow, and ice traction, but still provides a smooth and comfortable ride in most conditions.

Are Yokohama Avid tires good in snow?

The Yokohama Avid Ascend is a very good Touring All Season tire. It scores very well in all categories including dry, wet, and snow traction. Traction on ice is good for this tire but if you are driving in snow and ice for most of the winter you will want to go with a dedicated winter / snow tire.

Are Yokohama Avid GT tires good?

While it is certainly not a sporty tire, the Yokohama provides the driver with very good handling. Traction is very good, on par with the best premium grand-touring tires, even on more powerful sedans, coupes, and minivans. Braking performance is excellent, too.

Is Yokohama Avid Ascend a quiet tire?

Providing exceptional mileage and grip, the AVID Ascend LX™ is an outstanding all-season touring tire engineered to deliver a quiet ride and long-term reliability.

Where are Yokohama tires made?

A big part of our 2,100 employee-strong workforce in the USA comes from our research and development center in Cornelius, North Carolina, and manufacturing plants in Salem, Virginia and West Point, Mississippi. Together, they produce millions of tires annually for both our consumer and commercial divisions.

Is Yokohama Avid GT directional?

Yokohama AVID Ascend GT Tires – 8.00 in. Tread Width – Directional – Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing.

What is the difference between Yokohama Avid Ascend GT and LX?

The GT and LX Avid Ascend tires enhance Yokohama’s range of H- and V-rated tires with the LX for those who focus on mileage and the GT for those who are seeking a more even balance between grip and mileage.

Is the Yokohama Avid Ascend a quiet tire?

Are Yokohama tires good quality?

Yokohama tires offer good quality rubber for all sorts of vehicles. All of its brands do everything well, but they’re not exceptional in any one single aspect, as you’ll discover in this review. Some of its tires even use oils derived from orange peel, ensuring a smaller environmental footprint.

Is Michelin better than Yokohama?

Yokohama and Michelin are both excellent brands of tires, with the latter taking the turn as the more well-known of the two. Here’s the bottom line: Michelin wins out in all categories except winter performance, but the differences between the brands are minimal. …

Is Yokohama Avid Touring-s a good tire?

Yokohama Avid Touring-S Review: Drive Test After a long time using this tire, we found that Yokohama Avid Touring-S does very well in several fields. You will find that this model has a good dry grip and handling ability. The steering is responsive and gives a solid feeling on the road.

Why choose the Avid Touring-s?

Yokohama designed the Avid Touring-S as a standard tire that can cope with all seasons, including wet and dry conditions, and even in light snow. With Yokohama ‘s special Triplex wheel compound, Avid Touring-S provides longer tire life and good traction.

Can you put summer tires on a Prius?

Though the Prius is no sports car, installing ultra low-grip tires which give up traction in exchange for low rolling resistance and maximum fuel efficiency can become dangerous in critical situations. On the flip side, it makes absolutely no sense to install maximum performance summer tires on the Prius.