How long do dental X-ray sensors last?

How long do dental X-ray sensors last?

Some of these plans allow you to replace a sensor out of warranty at a reduced cost, but since sensors typically last four to five years, you’ll need to factor this into the equation as well.

How much is an xray sensor?

How Much Does a Sensor Cost? Most digital intraoral sensors are priced in the $3,000-10,000 range, which includes the sensor itself, basic positioning accessories and an initial period of warranty coverage.

How would you disinfect a digital sensor?

If the Sensor or cable are visibly soiled (e.g., with blood or saliva), each should be cleaned with a soapy cloth or paper towel, and then dried with a clean lint-free cloth or paper towel. 7. Thoroughly wipe the Sensor and cable (if applicable) with the disinfecting product recommended above.

How are sensors sterilized?

How are digital sensors protected from contamination before and after using them? They cannot be heat sterilized and must be wrapped in plastic barrier sleeves to protect from saliva and contamination. Must cover both the sensor and the wire. After being used they should be wipe-wiped.

How do I choose a dental sensor?

Check the outside dimensions and the actual image area. Consider how many different sizes you will need to cover the variety of patient ages and sizes. Since the sensor size is similar to corresponding film size, your dental assistant should have a good idea of what sizes you will need.

What are digital sensors dental?

What Is a Dental Sensor? A digital intraoral sensor is a small device that is used to capture X-ray images. Instead of donning a heavy vest to protect against radiation and being situated in a large, intimidating machine, patients can simply remain in their exam chair while the sensor is inserted.

Why choose GENDEX digital X-ray sensors?

Gendex digital x-ray sensors, like the Visualix eHD/GXS/HDI or the latest Gendex GXS-700 model, are made with customized components and built using specialized manufacturing processes to guarantee high quality levels and consistent performance.

How much does the GENDEX gxs-700 sensor cost?

The Gendex™ GXS-700™ sensors are designed to make migrating from film or upgrading a digital system easier than ever. *Price reflects size 2 sensor. MSRP: $11,195.00

What is the GENDEX Sapphire protection plan?

This program, called the Gendex Sapphire Protection Plan, provides you with a comprehensive plan should your equipment require replacement or maintenance. If you have any questions about extending your digital sensor warranty and support, you can send a message to our warranty renewal team.

Where can I Find my Local GENDEX authorized dealer?

To find your local Gendex authorized dealer, visit the dealer section on the Gendex site. In addition, you can reach out to the Gendex Technical Support team directly with your questions. Our expert team can be contacted via email or phone; whichever is more convenient to you. Here you can find the Gendex Tech Support contact info.