How is first take doing in the ratings?

How is first take doing in the ratings?

First Take also marks its highest monthly audience in almost two years (since Jan. 2020), averaging 451,000 viewers, a 19 percent increase from last year. 2021 and adds to the show’s continued success with year-over-year growth in six of the last seven months.

Are first take Ratings Still Down?

ESPN First Take Sees Continued Viewership Growth with 10 Percent Year-Over-Year Increase in October. ESPN’s signature morning debate show First Take – featuring Stephen A. First Take’s viewership was up 10 percent year over year from Oct. 2020, averaging 431,000 viewers.

Who has higher ratings first take or undisputed?

Compared to competing weekday morning sports programs in the same time slot, it outdrew ESPN2’s edition of Sportscenter (117,000) but fell behind First Take (320,000) in overall viewership. In 2018, Undisputed averaged 165,000, and in 2019 (through August 9, 2019) averaged 169,000 viewers.

Is ESPN declining?

ESPN was at 84 million households at the end of fiscal 2020. Earlier this fall, ESPN said it would shut down ESPN Classic as of January 1, 2022. The network had been in a long period of decline, with its business model having been disrupted by the internet and social media.

Is ESPN biased towards certain teams?

Bias towards certain teams and players ESPN has been accused of having a bias towards certain sports teams and a “love affair” with superstar players. ESPN’s ombudsman, Le Anne Schreiber, responded to these criticisms by saying that the industry is ratings-driven.

What are the ratings for ESPN?

Key Facts. ESPN is averaging 1.44 million viewers through 12 games so far this season, up from the 2020-21 season’s average of 1.2 million, according to Nielsen data relayed by ESPN Press Room. Viewership is up across many demographics, including adults ages 18-49 (up 28%) and women (up 26%).