How high should you hang a wine rack?

How high should you hang a wine rack?

Here’s how high you can go…

  1. 6 feet high – 360 bottles for single-deep storage, 720 for double deep.
  2. 7 feet high – 420 bottles for single-deep storage, 840 for double deep.
  3. 8 feet high – 480 bottles for single-deep storage, 960 for double deep.
  4. 9 feet high – 540 bottles for single-deep storage, 1080 for double deep.

Where do you hang a wine rack?

The Best Places to Put Your Wine Rack or Wine Room

  1. Cellar. A dim, cool space that is stable in temperature and movement is ideal for wine, which is why cellars are considered the best places to store it.
  2. A Large Closet.
  3. Away From Kitchen Appliances and Sunlight.

How many cases of wine to a pallet?

Typically a pallet of wine is comprised of 56 cases, and at about 35 pounds each, almost a ton of your best efforts are perched on a 48″x 40″ piece of wood. It might be a good idea to spend some extra time making sure that load is secure. This month’s column is about some cool stretch wrapping equipment.

How to make a wood pallet wine rack?

Materials Needed

  • Cut Pallet to Size. Use the circular saw to cut the pallet to a height of 32 to 36 inches,keeping the width as is.
  • Expose Curve. The slight upward curvature along the bottom of the pallet is an important part of the aesthetic of the wine rack.
  • Remove Excess Planks. You’ll want to have a total of three planks across the back of the wine rack.
  • Add Clean Cut to Top. It’s important for the very top of the pallet to be clean and level. Use the circular saw to create a perfectly level edge.
  • Update or Sand Fascia. The lower-front plank of the wine rack will become both structural and decorative,as it will be used to keep wine bottles secure.
  • Measure and Mark Glass Hanger. On the very bottom of the rack there will be a glassware hanger.
  • Gut Glass Hanger. Use the circular saw to cut the glass hanger to size and add 3/4-inch grooves for stems.
  • Sand Grooves. Once the grooves are added for the glassware stems,use medium-grit sandpaper to smooth the rough edges,then fasten the plank to the bottom of the wine rack
  • How many wine bottles can a wine rack hold?

    Each wine rack can hold up to 5 standard sized wine bottles, with capacity for five stemmed glasses. Mounting is a breeze as the wine racks come equipped with pre-drilled holes and all of the necessary hardware for installation is included.

    What is a pallet of wine?

    A pallet is a wooden base that wine is packed onto. The wooden base makes it easy to pick up, move around and load on and off trucks. A pallet takes 120 cases.