How high does a pitbull motorcycle lift go?

How high does a pitbull motorcycle lift go?

Pitbull Motorcycle Lifts are the perfect items for when you need to do some maintenance work, repair or simply clean up your bike. They allow a full 25″ lifting height and are the most resistant out there.

Where are pit bull stands made?

the USA
Proudly, defiantly made in the USA Pit Bull is not only made in the USA…. It’s made BETTER in the USA. We don’t compromise on quality and we don’t saw a motorcycle stand into 4 pieces so it can cross the ocean cheaper.

Are pit bull stands universal?

Universal Fit. Offering unparalleled quality and design elements, Pit Bull motorcycle stands are among the most trusted and desirable sport bike stands that money can buy. A rigid construction and wide footprint means your bike is held in an upright position, making servicing the motorcycle easier than ever.

Do I need a front and rear stand for motorcycle?

According to Riding Motorcycles, the most important is the rear wheel stand because it is the most frequently used. The front stand gives you better access to all of the various components of the motorcycle when you need to have both wheels off the ground.

What is a paddock stand?

A paddock stand is essentially a metal contraption that keeps a motorcycle stable while it is stationary. Don’t confuse it with a side-stand or a centre-stand of your motorcycle as with a paddock stand, you can keep one wheel, or both wheels in the air.

Why put a motorcycle on a stand?

A motorcycle center-stand is intended primarily for maintenance work, not for routine parking of a bike. It allows you to get one (or both) of the wheels off the ground to enable chain maintenance or removing one or both of the wheels. By default (on most modern bikes) it is the rear wheel that is lifted.

What are crash bobbins?

Crash protectors (sometimes called “bobbins”, “bungs” or “mushrooms”) are bolted-on protrusions, engine casings, and crash bars, designed to minimize or eliminate damage to your faring, tank, and engine should you go down and your bike slide on the road.

What is a pit bull rear motorcycle stand?

The Pit Bull rear motorcycle stand was designed as a modular platform which allows SS, Standard, 999, and GP top supports to be used interchangeably. Sold complete with top supports. Spools sold separately. Pit Bull stands are known for our distinctive gold and red finish and are not available in other colors.

What is the best motorcycle stand to lift a Buell 112?

This stand features extra-wide width to accommodate the wide swingarms found on the ’09+ Buell 112.. There’s a variety of motorcycles out there so there’s no one stand that can lift them all. The most versatile motorcycle stand is the SS Rear Stand because it allows you to lift most modern sport bikes with dual-sided swingarms.

What is the most versatile motorcycle stand?

The most versatile motorcycle stand is the SS Rear Stand because it allows you to lift most modern sport bikes with dual-sided swingarms. There are many other options when it comes to motorcycle rear stands depending on what type of motorcycle you have.

What are the one armed rear stands?

One Armed Rear Stands are designed to accommodate various single sided swingarm motorcycles including Ducati, Triumph, BMW, and other motorcycles. They capture the bike from the inside of the hollow hub found on these motorcycles.