How fast is a Toyota Aristo?

How fast is a Toyota Aristo?


Model Lexus GS300 Toyota Aristo
Weight 1671 kg 1680 kg
Top speed 140 mph* 155 mph (limited)
0-60 mph 8.5 sec* N/A
0-100 mph 23.6 sec* N/A

What engine did the Aristo come with?

Powering the Aristo are two new engines―the 3-liter, straight-six cylinder 2JZ-GTE, with a two-way twin turbo (maximum output 280ps at 5,600rpm), and the extremely quiet 3-liter straight-six cylinder 2JZ-GE (max. output 230ps at 6,000rpm) which combines high-performance with fuel efficiency.

What kind of engine does a Toyota Aristo have?

The first generation was offered with three engine variations and two automatic transmissions to choose from. There were two straight-six 2JZ engines (one turbo and one N/A) and a third 4.0L V8 was added later in 1992, which came with AWD as standard. Yes, the Aristo has the same 2JZ-GTE engine as the MK4 Supra!

Is the Toyota Aristo the same as the Toyota Supra?

Yes, the Aristo has the same 2JZ-GTE engine as the MK4 Supra! The interior was also loaded with available luxury options such as walnut trim, leather and electronically tilt and telescopic steering wheel, moonroof, and an automatic 12-CD changer. As standard, the Aristo came with standard driver and passenger airbags.

When did the second generation Toyota Aristo come out?

The second-generation Aristo was unveiled in August 1997. It featured the same three engines from the previous generation, but also added a fourth 4.3L V8 to its roster. In addition, there now was a total of three automatic transmissions available to choose from.

Why was the Toyota Aristo never sold in the US?

The only reason the Aristo was never offered in North America was that Toyota wanted to push its luxury brand, which was Lexus of course. In this section, we are going to have a look at the different generations that Toyota produced over the Aristo’s lifespan.