How far could Kyle Boller throw a football?

How far could Kyle Boller throw a football?

Former Cal quarterback Kyle Boller was one of the more notable, throwing deep from one knee at a workout. I’ve seen people say it was anywhere from 65 to 80 yards, but either way, it’s kinda crazy. We don’t have video of Mahomes’ throw, but here is Boller’s from back in the day.

What happened Kyle Boller?

Boller spent 2010 and 2011 with the Raiders. He started in a 28-0 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2011 when starter Jason Campbell was injured. Kyle Boller retired after the 2011 season with $17.9 million in career earnings, according to Spotrac, and a 20-22 win-loss record.

How old is Kyle Boller?

40 years (June 17, 1981)
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Where did Kyle Boller go to college?

University of California, Berkeley
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In college, Boller was a starter for three and a half seasons at the University of California, Berkeley and graduated with several career and single season records.

How far can Jamarcus Russell throw?

70 yards
Famed for being able to throw a football over 70 yards while on his knees, Russell certainly possesses this area of distance arm strength.

Who drafted Kyle Boller?

Baltimore Ravens
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What was Kyle bollers number?

7Las Vegas Raiders / Quarterback
7California Golden Bears football / Quarterback
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How tall is Kyle Boller?

6′ 3″
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What Super Bowls did the Ravens win?

201334-31 – San Francisco 49ers
200134-7 – New York Giants
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Baltimore Ravens, American professional gridiron football team based in Baltimore, Maryland, that plays in the American Football Conference (AFC) of the National Football League (NFL). A relatively young franchise, having played their first game in 1996, the Ravens nevertheless won Super Bowl titles in 2001 and 2013.

How far could Dan Pastorini throw a football?

85 yards
He possessed a freakishly strong arm — throwing a baseball over a 10-story Santa Clara campus building on a dare and later firing a football 85 yards.

Who threw the longest Hail Mary in NFL history?

Richard Rodgers
Richard Rodgers (Packers) vs. After Lions’ defensive end Devin Taylor extended the game with a 15-yard facemask penalty against Aaron Rodgers at the Packers’ 24-yard line, Rodgers’ and tight end Richard Rodgers connected on a 61-yard Hail Mary, which remains the longest Hail Mary in NFL history.

Who won the 2003 Super Bowl?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Super Bowl XXXVII/Champion
Tampa Bay Buccaneers At Super Bowl XXXVII the Bucs soundly defeated the Oakland Raiders 48–21 to capture their first championship.