How does clerval help Victor?

How does clerval help Victor?

Clerval induces Victor to study the Oriental languages Persian, Arabic, and Sanskrit to help move his mind away from the sciences. The two study and work together on their language studies, even comparing those languages and their works with the ancient Greek and Roman works.

What is the relationship between Victor and the Creature?

Throughout the book all the ‘creature’ wants is love. This longing to be first accepted by Victor and then the longing for a fellow creature, (a lover) created specially for him, leads the monster to acts of murder and destruction. His longing for love is so great he will destroy Victor if this goes unheeded.

How does Victor respond to William and Justine’s death?

She sees men as bloodthirsty monsters. How does Victor respond in the days after Justine’s death? He leaves in August (about 2 months after Justine’s death) and travels through the Arve Valley, Servox, and PĂ©lissier. He stays in Chamounix.

What does Victor do at night after his family has gone to bed?

Summarize what Victor does at night after the rest of his family has gone to bed. He takes the boat onto the lake and ponders suicide. Show the irony in Victor’s desire to “extinguish the life which I [he] had so thoughtlessly bestowed.” When Victor created the being, he sought to create life and dispel death.

Does Victor Frankenstein love Elizabeth?

Fond of her from the start, Victor describes Elizabeth as “docile and good tempered, yet gay and playful as a summer insect,” as well as “lively and animated,” but with an uncommonly affectionate disposition and feelings that are strong and deep.

Where does victor go after his father’s death?

After his release, Victor departs with his father for Geneva.

How does Victor feel during the trial?

Victor Frankenstein feels tremendously guilty over Justine’s death, and tortures himself endlessly over it. He feels that he suffers worse from Justine’s fate than Justine herself, because she had innocence to sustain her, and also a swift death.

Why doesn’t Victor tell who killed William?

Terms in this set (9) Tell why Victor does not announce the real murderer nor confess to the crimes himself. Because he created the monster who murdered William. He didn’t confess bc he was in Ingolstadt on the night of the murder.

Why didn’t Victor tell anyone what he had done?

Victor doesn’t tell anyone about the monster he created in Frankenstein because he is ashamed, filled with horror, and caught up in his own lies. He is afraid of what people will think of him when he admits he gave life to the monster and then abandoned him.

How does clerval affect Victor and his mood?

Assess how Clerval affects Victor and his mood. Through his companionship and attentiveness, Clerval lifts Victor’s mood and gets him back to feeling like a normal person and his old self. Contrast Victor’s feelings about the Swiss landscape during the day with how he views it at night.