How does a TV Licensing payment card work?

How does a TV Licensing payment card work?

The TV Licensing payment card (part of our cash plans scheme) is available to anyone applying for a colour TV Licence. The payment card helps you pay for your TV Licence in regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

What is the best way to pay for TV Licence?

Make one payment every 12 months Your licence will be automatically renewed each year. Make a single payment by debit or credit card. You can also pay by cheque, postal order or BACS, or by taking a debit card or cash to any PayPoint.

Can you pay TV Licence over phone?

Call us on 0300 790 6165* or pay online. You can use this card to pay weekly or monthly at any PayPoint, over the phone, by text or online. Call 0300 555 0286* to get a TV Licensing payment card.

Can you buy TV Licence one month?

No, a TV Licence will usually last for a year. For example, if you buy a licence today, it will cover you for up to 12 months – the rest of this month and 11 months after that.

Can you still get TV Licence stamps?

The savings card is free to apply and there’s no charge for using it. The savings card is available across the UK. Simply call us on 0300 555 0281 to apply. Once you have applied, you’ll receive a welcome pack containing your savings card.

How much is a Colour TV Licence 2021?

From 1 April 2021 a standard colour TV Licence costs £159. A black and white licence costs £53.50. If you are blind (severely sight impaired), you can apply for a 50% concession, so your licence will cost £79.50.

Do I need TV Licence for Netflix?

With the exception of BBC iPlayer content, you only need a licence for watching or recording content as it is broadcast on TV. If you’re streaming on-demand movies or TV shows on Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Netflix or YouTube (or any other online video service) you don’t currently need a licence.

Can I pay my fortnightly TV Licence online?

A TV Licensing payment card gives you the flexibility to pay for a licence weekly and fortnightly, or monthly, from about £6. Once it is set up you can pay online, on your mobile via the TVL Pay app, with a phone call, by text message or in person at any PayPoint outlet.

How do I pay my TV Licence at PayPoint?

What you can do at PayPoint. Give the retailer your name and address, and pay the full licence fee by debit card or cash. They’ll enter your details onto our database and give you a receipt. Please keep this, as it is proof of your licence.

How to pay the TV licence?

Pay online using MasterCard or Visa

  • Cash/cheque or Debit Card at any Post Office
  • By Direct Debit
  • By phone: 01 7058800 using MasterCard or Visa
  • Post a cheque (crossed and made payable to An Post) to your local TV Licence Record’s Office
  • TV licence stamps available at your local Post Office
  • Cash at selected Postpoint outlets
  • How do I cancelled my TV licence?

    Call TV Licensing on: 0300 790 6165

  • Complete an online form and wait for them to get back to you
  • Use SlothMove’s home setup service which enables you to cancel your TV license quickly an do much more
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    What is a TV licence fee?

    As of 1 April 2017, after the end of a freeze that began in 2010, the price of a licence may now increase to account for inflation. The licence fee in 2018 was £150.50 for a colour and £50.50 for a black and white TV Licence. As of April 2019, the licence fee is £154.50 for a colour and £52.00 for a black and white TV Licence.