How do you use high time in a sentence?

How do you use high time in a sentence?

(1) It’s high time this leakage of information was put a stop to. (2) It’s high time we all stood up for our rights around here. (3) It is high time they arrived. (4) It’s high time we had a party.

Is high time an idiom?

High time is defined as a long-awaited event, an appropriate time, or past the appropriate time. (uncountable, idiomatic) A point in time at which something desirable or necessary is considered to be utterly due or even overdue to occur.

Which tense is used with it is high time?

In a construction introduced by the phrase “it’s time” or “it’s high time”, we use a verb in the subjunctive past tense to complete the construction. The subjunctive past tense is identical to the simple past for all verbs except “to be”.

What is the difference between it’s high time and it’s about time?

For the Present Time It’s time you stopped smoking. It’s high time you stopped smoking. It’s about time you stopped smoking. We are suggesting something in the present moment; yet, we believe that it should have already happened by now.

Is high time I left a correct English?

7 Answers. The expressions “it’s time” to express that something should happen now, or “about time” or “high time”, when some action or event is overdue, are followed by a verb in a past tense, either simple or continuous: It’s time we left. It’s about time we were going. It’s high time you got a job.

Why is past tense used after high time?

Now if you feel that it is already late for something to happen, you can use the expression ‘It’s high time…’ This structure might look unusual, because it uses a past tense form to talk about the present or future. In fact, past tenses are used to talk about the present / future in many phrases with time.

Is high time formal?

“It’s high time” – is a formal statement that it is important that something happen soon or that something happen now. And now – it’s about time I finished this answer.

Where did the phrase high time come from?

This phrase originated in the 13th century and it refers to the warmest time in the day. Since people of that era were mostly farmers, this time marked the turning point in the day when you must have either gotten so much work done on the land or you begin doing so immediately.

Is it correct to say high time we left?

Would you mind to open the window is it correct?

Would you mind if I opened the window? This is the most grammatically correct usage. You should use this.

What is another word for high time?

In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for high-time, like: due season, picnic, big-time, good-time, great fun, high-old-time and ball.

Would you mind closing the door meaning?

Would you mind closing the door?” is used to express an action being performed. Would you mind to close the door? is used to express an action to be happened. But using ‘gerund ‘ after ‘would you mind ‘is polite because we request for the work expecting that it is being happened instead of to be happened.

What does High Times mean?

Definition of ‘it is high time’. it is high time. or to be high time. phrase. If you say that it is high time that something happened or was done, you are saying in an emphatic way that it should happen or be done now, and really should have happened or been done sooner.

What does high time mean?

high time. The appropriate time for something; also, past the appropriate time. For example, It’s high time we did something about Martha’s dog , or It’s high time you children were in bed . The precise meaning of this term depends on the tone of voice and/or the context.

What does all time high mean?

See all translations. all-time adjective [ before noun ] uk ​ /ˌɔːlˈtaɪm/ us ​ /ˌɑːlˈtaɪm/. › An all-time high, low, best, etc. is the highest, lowest, best, etc. level that has ever been: After three years of drought, the water in the lake had reached an all-time low.

What does its time mean?

“Of its time” means that what your are talking about is appropriate for the period that it existed, for example one might say. Ham house is true example of its time.