How do you unlock the whole map in Skyrim?

How do you unlock the whole map in Skyrim?

open the console by pressing ` (or ~), type tmm 1 to toggle all map markers shown. To toggle all map markers and still be able to “discover” them (aka not being able to fast travel to them, but they are marked on the map and mimimap, type tmm 1 tmm 0 tmm 1 in that sequence.

Can you fast travel in Skyrim?

Hit Circle on PlayStation and B on Xbox to bring up your menu, then hit the down button to head to your map. Move your cursor over a landmark you’ve visited at least once before, be it a city, a cave, or other notable location. Select this, and choose to fast travel there at the prompt.

How many holds are there in Skyrim?

Skyrim:Holds. < Skyrim: Places. Map showing the different holds. Skyrim has nine holds, or regions. Each hold is governed by a jarl who lives in the region’s primary city. In the absence of a king, the holds have effectively split apart from one another, and some holds are even actively at war with each other.

What do cheats do in Skyrim?

This page of the guide to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has information on how to use cheats to make the game easier. Cheats can, among other things, make the character immortal, speed up its development or reveal all locations on the map. How to enter cheats in Skyrim?

How many border holds are there in a standalone Skyrim mod?

A standalone mod with a collection of 17 new immersive border holds strategically placed around Skyrim for you to explore. You may not redistribute this file in whole or part without my EXPRESS permission. Uploading this file to other sites without my consent is an act of theft and gross misuse of this material.

How many dots are there on the people of Skyrim map?

This mod is an extraction from The People Of Skyrim Complete and is standalone with a collection of 17 new immersive borders strategically placed around Skyrim. Yes there are eighteen dots on the map, two dots account for one Hold at Windhlem which expands the river there.