How do you shoot the powder keg in ac3?

How do you shoot the powder keg in ac3?

Xbox 360: hold down LT to aim and place your target reticle over the powder kegs on the ground. Next, hold down the Y button until your arm is fully extended and release to shoot.

What are powder kegs in Assassin’s Creed 3?

All of the crates are heavily guarded, so approach them and eliminate all Redcoats in your way. To achieve both optional objectives, simply pick up a powder keg (it’s the red highlighted barrel), place it next to the cargo and then shoot the keg with the pistol. Do this for all three smuggled crates.

How do you do sequential kills in ac3?

The second objective is performing a combo of three kills. In order to do that, you need to lead out a counterattack which will kill the enemy and afterwards quickly press the attack button while leaning the analog stick towards another soldier.

How do you shoot in ac3 PC?

Assassin’s Creed III Hold R to bring up the weapon select menu. You can then hotkey it to 1-4 or just equip it. After that hit Q to fire it.

How do you use secondary weapons in Assassin’s Creed 3?

Immediately following a Counter, Connor can use his secondary weapon to quickly kill any foe he happens to be facing. After a successful counter, tapping the secondary button (Y,Triangle) with another weapon equipped will trigger a special animation, killing the enemy immediately.

How do you expose frigates powder stores?

Since the upgraded Aquila is too powerful, ramming the other two frigate ships head-on will destroy them instantly. The easiest way to expose the powder stores without using guns or cannons is to RAM the frigate ship’s mast from the SIDE (basically, you’ll t-bone it from the front).

How do you use a powder keg?

A Powder Keg can be used to open the way to the Goron Racetrack; destroy the boulder on Milk Road on the First or Second Day, clearing a way to Romani Ranch; or to blow a hole in the roof of the Ikana Castle, granting access to the throne room.

What is a low profile assassination Assassins Creed 3?

LOW-PROFILE KILLS NOTE A low-pro assassination only counts if Connor assassinates the enemy from behind. Even if Connor successfully does a low-pro assassination from the front, it will NOT count for the mission! The second set of Redcoats is located further down the street.