How do you rig a chin weight?

How do you rig a chin weight?

Push the spikes of the chin weight into the chin area of the pike and centrally up through the head so the head of the bait sits in the recess of the chin weight. It is fairly important that the spikes are centrally placed through the head to ensure the bait swims well.

How long should a ballyhoo leader be?

The materials needed for this rig are 10 feet of 130-pound-test Fluorocarbon leader, a 7/0 non-offset Eagle Claw circle hook, a size-10 barrel swivel, rigging wire and a ¼-ounce egg sinker.

What is a chin weight?

The chin-weighted ballyhoo on mono is a very popular way to rig trolling baits for any pelagic fish without teeth. The weight under the chin of the bait acts as a keel and makes the ballyhoo stand up and swim like the real thing.

What is a ballyhoo lure?

Ballyhoo is renowned as one of the most prolific baits in offshore sport fishing for marlin, Yellowfin tuna, Mahi mahi, and wahoo. Our realistic lure perfectly mimics the actions of a real Ballyhoo, proving irresistible to pelagic fish in a variety of eye-catching colors. You’ll be Ballyhoo-ked!

What is a bait spring?

Bait springs make for fast, easy ballyhoo rigging. Bait springs, or ballyhoo springs, are conical springs which you spin over the pin on a pin rig. These replace the need for copper wire, and the laborious process of wrapping the ballyhoo’s mouth and head to keep the pin in place.

What is a pinless Ballyhoo rig?

The pinless rig is exactly what it sounds like – a ballyhoo rig without the size-10 wire pin. This rig is used for rigging naked ballyhoo split-bill style. The split-billed method is an effective way to make a naked ballyhoo swim like Michael Phelps.

What are the different sizes of Ballyhoo?

Ballyhoo come in four different sizes. From largest to smallest they are: 1) Horse Ballyhoo 2) Select Ballyhoo 3) Medium Ballyhoo 4) Small Ballyhoo. The larger packs (horse ballyhoo) may contain only one or two ballyhoo, while smaller packs may hold up to 4 or 5 pre-rigged baits.

How to rig a ballyhoo for trolling?

One of the most important things when rigging a ballyhoo for trolling is to seal the gills. If you let water run through the gills it will look like you shred it with a fork after running a few gallons of water through the body. A simple solution to this is to employ copper wire to seal the gills.

Where can I buy Ballyhoo bait?

Ballyhoo come in four different sizes called, from largest to smallest, horse, select, medium and small. They can be bought at most tackle shops that stock big-game tackle, or you can order them from companies such as Next Day Bait ( ), which will ship cases of bait right to your doorstep.