How do you recover from a Colles fracture?

How do you recover from a Colles fracture?

A splint worn up to a week and a cast worn up to eight weeks are common treatment options. Periodic x-rays may be required to ensure proper healing. Surgery could be necessary for more severe fractures. Working with a physical therapist may be recommended to rebuild wrist strength and improve range of motion.

How long does it take for a wrist broken wrist to heal?

In most cases it takes around 6 to 8 weeks to recover from a broken arm or wrist. It can take longer if your arm or wrist was severely damaged. You will need to wear your plaster cast until the broken bone heals. The skin under the cast may be itchy for a few days but this should pass.

What is a Colles fracture of the wrist?

A Colles fracture is a break in the radius close to the wrist. It was named for the surgeon who first described it. Typically, the break is located about an inch (2.5 centimeters) below where the bone joins the wrist.

How can I make my broken wrist heal faster?

Seven Recovery Tips for Broken Wrist Injuries

  1. Elevate Your Wrist. To reduce swelling and pain, raise your wrist so it’s above your heart.
  2. Apply Ice.
  3. Use Pain-Relieving Medication.
  4. Exercise Joints Near the Wrist.
  5. Keep Your Cast Dry.
  6. Work With a Physical Therapist.
  7. Visit Your Doctor for a Follow-Up.

Is a Colles fracture painful?

A Colles fracture is a very painful and serious injury. Go to your nearest emergency department if you suspect you have any type of wrist fracture. Colles fractures usually occur after a fall on an outstretched hand.

How long does it take to recover from a wrist fracture?

The initial recovery from a wrist fracture can take 3 to 4 months or more. You may need physical therapy. You should start working with a physical therapist as soon as your provider recommends. The work may seem hard and at times painful. But doing the exercises you are given will speed your recovery.

How long did it take for your Colles fracture to heal?

I had a colles fracture Mar 24 and was given a splint to wear.Extreme pain so went back to the doctor two weeks later.Had surgery April 12 and was told 6-8 weeks healing time.Went for post op appointment and the doctor said you are all healed.

How long does it take to recover from a distal radius fracture?

Regardless of treatment, recovery takes a surprisingly long time – six to twelve months is typical. Pain, fatigability, and loss of grip strength are a nuisance in about half of people with this type of injury. Despite this, three out of four patients on the average have a satisfactory result following distal radius fracture.

What is the aftercare for collcolles wrist fracture?

Colles wrist fracture – aftercare – After your arm is placed in a cast or splint, see your provider if 1 Your cast is too loose or too tight. 2 Your hand or arm is swollen above or below your cast or splint. 3 Your cast is falling apart or rubs or irritates your skin. 4 Pain or swelling continues to get worse or becomes severe.