How do you read keyboard input in shell script?

How do you read keyboard input in shell script?

read Command Syntax

  1. read -p “Prompt” variable1 variable2 variableN. Where, -p “Prompt” : Display prompt to user without a newline.
  2. #!/bin/bash read -p “Enter your name : ” name echo “Hi, $name. Let us be friends!” Save and close the file.
  3. chmod +x ./ Sample Outputs:

How do you take user input in Linux?

To read the Bash user input, we use the built-in Bash command called read. It takes input from the user and assigns it to the variable….Program:

  1. #!/bin/bash.
  2. read -p “username : ” user_var.
  3. read -sp “password : ” pass_var.
  4. echo.
  5. echo “username : ” $user_var.
  6. echo “password : ” $pass_var.

What is read command in Linux?

read command in Linux system is used to read from a file descriptor. Basically, this command read up the total number of bytes from the specified file descriptor into the buffer. But on success, it returns the number of bytes read. Zero indicates the end of the file.

What is keyboard automation?

A keyboard macro is a series of actions defined by the user that a keyboard can perform repeatedly without any outside assistance. They are usually helpful in the performance of repetitive computational tasks, which would normally require a long sequence of clicks or patterns of keystrokes.

How do I get input from the keyboard in Linux?

To get input from the keyboard, we use the read command. The read command takes input from the keyboard and assigns it to a variable. Here is an example: As we can see, we displayed a prompt on line 3.

How to get user input in a shell script using BASH script?

read command is used for getting user input in a Linux shell script. -p switch with read command is used for showing some helpful text on-screen. Create a shell script named and add following content. #!/bin/bash read -p “Enter Your Name: ” username echo “Welcome $username!” Lets execute the shell script

How to input a value in Linux terminal?

Let’s begin with input directly on terminal. Open a terminal on your system and type: Here read is the Linux command and “x” is the variable, where input value will be stored. Hit enter after typing the above command.

How to use READ command in Bash terminal?

When you use read, you are communicating to the bash terminal that you want to capture the input from the user. By default, the command will create a variable to save that input to. Now let’s see some examples of read command to understand how you can use it in different situations. 1. Read command without options