How do you make an elastic bead bracelet?

How do you make an elastic bead bracelet?

How to Make Stretch Bead Bracelets

  1. Cut the elastic to length. I like to use a double strand of elastic to make stretch bracelets.
  2. Prestretch the elastic cord.
  3. Secure the end of the cord.
  4. Lay out your beads.
  5. String the beads onto the cord.
  6. Tie a knot to secure the beading cord.

How long should Elastic be for bead bracelet?

For seed bead bracelets, 0.5 mm elastic cord works great. Thinner elastic cord can stretch out more quickly with heavier beads unless you use a double strand. Cut a piece of cord the size of your bracelet, plus leave yourself at least three inches of elastic on each side to tie your knots.

How long should Elastic be to make a bracelet?

Once you’ve got your pattern planned out, cut a piece of elastic about 9″ long. This should give you plenty of room to work. Parent/Helper Tip: I like to put a piece of scotch tape or washi tape on the end of my elastic so that the beads don’t spill off the end. This is especially helpful for little hands!

What is the strongest elastic for beading?

The 1mm is best for heavier gemstones and bigger beads. We do suggest using Soft Flex Beading Wire for a design that requires strength and durability, but Pepperell Stretch Magic is a blast to string with!

How do you make an elastic bracelet?

Steps Braid the cords at the beginning. Take out three elastic cords and make it to a door shape together. Braid the cords to the end. Take the top end to shape a hoop; go on braiding in the same way above; tie off the braiding shapes each time. Cut off two short leather cords; glue each to an end of a clasp to link with the leather cords.

How to make a stretch bracelet?

PLAN BRACELET DESIGN. Cut a length 12 inches of your .8mm elastic cord.

  • STRING LETTER BEADS. Thread your letter beads on your cord first.
  • SIZE THE STRETCH BRACELET. Have someone else wrap the bracelet carefully around the wearer’s wrist.
  • What is the best glue for stretch bracelets?

    Applying Glue to Stretch Bracelets. Try using a glue that has an applicator tip. Hypo Cement brand (for fabric or glass) comes with a very fine tip that screws onto the glue tube. It allows for pinpoint precision.

    How do you make beaded bracelets?

    Making a Stretchy Bracelet Gather your supplies. Measure your wrist and cut the elastic a little bit longer. Stretch the elastic. Fold some tape over one of the ends of the elastic. Put the beads onto the elastic. Keep adding beads until you have the length you want. Take the tape or clip off, and tie a square/surgeon knot.