How do you make a sunken slab?

How do you make a sunken slab?

Steps for Construction of Sunken Slab

  1. Place formworks similar to other elements of the building.
  2. Install reinforcement as per the design.
  3. Pour the concrete and cure it adequately.
  4. Spray a mixture of cement and waterproofing material on the reinforced concrete sunken slab.

What do you fill in sunken slab?

Material Used to Fill Sunken Slab: Lightweight broken CLC blocks are used to fill the sunken slab and these blocks are the best alternative to Light Weight Cinder, Broken bricks, Brick Jelly, Coal lumps, Burnt Tar lumps, and AAC Blocks.

How do you cast a sunken slab?

Sunken Slab Construction Method:

  1. The concrete of the R.C.C.
  2. Then cement and waterproofing material should be diluted in water and splashed onto the RCC sunken slab.
  3. Brick laying of walls and plastering (prior to tiling) of the walls and floor should be done with cement mortar mixed with a mortar plasticizer.

Is sunken slab necessary?

Sunken slabs are used in the toilets, bathrooms and washing place where we have our washing machines. The purpose of having a sunken slab is to conceal all the pipes below the floor.

What is underslung plumbing?

1. underslung Plumbing. The toilet slab is built at the same level as the slabs adjacent to the toilet. Sleeves or Holes are punctured through the slab wherever plumbing pipes have to pass through, and the pipes is clamped to the bottom of the slab. It is concealed above a false ceiling from bottom of slab.

How do you waterproof sunken?

Procedure for Sunken Portion Waterproofing

  1. Complete all the block work for the kitchen/toilet areas.
  2. After completion of block work mark the level pads in the walls.
  3. Clean the surface free from dust, loose material etc.
  4. If required provide & fix 12mm dia.

How does foam concrete work?

Foamed concrete mixture may be poured or pumped into moulds, or directly into structural elements. The foam enables the slurry to flow freely due to the thixotropic behaviour of the foam bubbles, allowing it to be easily poured into the chosen form or mould.

How do you calculate sunken slab load?

You may consider loading due to brick bat coba which has same density that of soil, i.e. 20kN/Sqm. Hence back filling load will be 20*0.45=9.0 kN/Sqm. Finish load will be 1.5 kN/Sqm. Hence total load will be 10.5 kN/Sqm.

How do you fix concrete sinking?

You have three options: coat the sunken section with a sand-and-cement mixture to make the surface higher, raise the sunken section using a process called mudjacking, or raise the sunken section using expanding polyurethane foam. Patching fixes the safety issue without costing much, but the patch is sure to show.

What is cinder filling?

Product Description: Light Weight Cinder is a product which is used in filling the gaps in construction of buildings, dams, temples, bridges and others due to its quality of light weight and absorption of water and its form of sizes, and customization of the product.

Why cinder is used in bathrooms?

It can be used for Toilet deck filling, Roof garden filling, Horse race track, Running Track. It has so many cavities that its low density of 0.641g/cm^3 allows it to float in water. Cinder is typically brown, black, or red depending on its chemical content.

What is Coba brick waterproofing?

What is Coba Brick Waterproofing? Coba brick waterproofing is the oldest method, the procedure of which involves laying brickbats on the flat concrete roof and grouting the same with waterproofing compound with a slope to drain the surface water.

What is a sunken slab?

Sunk slabs are slabs which are casted a certain depth (200 or 300 mm or any other depending on design) below normal floor level. This extra depth is used for placing pipes and utility ducts. Sunken slabs are used in the toilets, bathrooms and washing place where we have our washing machines.

How deep is a sunken slab cast?

Below the normal floor level, the sunken slab is cast at certain depth as 200mm or 300mm or any other depending on the design and for placing pipes and utility ducts this extra depth is used. Then until the normal floor level, space is filled with sand or other lightweight materials.

How to waterproof a sunken RCC slab?

The concrete of the R.C.C. ( floor and sunken slab) should be mixed with a waterproofing material to get a denser, watertight concrete. 2. Then cement and waterproofing material should be diluted in water and splashed onto the RCC sunken slab. Over that, a layer of plaster should be provided using a mortar plasticizer with the cement mortar.

What is the best filler for sunken slabs?

Expanded Clay Aggregate is the most preferred green filler material that is commonly used as Sunk Slab Fill Material. Expanded Clay Aggregate can be used as a Lightweight filler material for sunken slabs. Sunken slabs also known as sunk slabs are often cast slightly deeper below the standard floor level to create room for pipes and utility casts.