How do you identify WW2 ribbons?

How do you identify WW2 ribbons?

The ribbon has three stripes: dark blue to represent the Merchant Navy and the Royal Navy, red to represent the Army and light blue to represent the Royal Air Force. Only one clasp was awarded with the 1939–1945 star, and that was to Air force personnel who participated in the Battle of Britain.

Did everyone who served in WW2 get a medal?

The War Medal 1939–1945 was instituted by the United Kingdom on 16 August 1945 and was awarded to all full-time personnel of the armed forces and Merchant Navy for serving for 28 days, irrespective of where they were serving, between 3 September 1939 and 2 September 1945 inclusive, the full duration of the Second World …

How many WW2 campaign medals were there?

Popular World War II United States Medals The government of the United States issued 450 Medals of Honor for World War II actions, 280 Service Crosses for D-Day actions and more than 3,600 Navy Crosses. The list below show all the medals that were created during the WW2 period and following years.

What medals were awarded in WWII?

United States

  • Medal of Honor.
  • Navy Cross.
  • Distinguished Service Cross.
  • Distinguished Service Medal.
  • Navy Distinguished Service Medal.
  • Legion of Merit.
  • Silver Star.
  • Bronze Star.

How do I know what ribbons I have in the army?

Individuals can request information on military service medals, decorations and awards online:

What do the ribbons mean on war medals?

Their own colours often have a symbolic significance: the equal stripes of the ‘1939 to 1945 Star,’ for example, are dark blue to represent the service of the Royal and Merchant Navies, red, to represent that of the Armies and light blue to represent that of Air Forces.

In what order should WW2 medals be displayed?

The medal at the left of the bar should be placed first and the remainder of the ribbons placed so that they overlap equally the medal on the right, or senior medal, being in full view. When mounting medals in this manner, it is not possible to bring the ribbon back through the slot in the bar.

What are campaign ribbons?

campaign ribbon. a distinctively colored ribbon, either on a small, narrow bar or in the form of a strip, representing a military campaign participated in by the wearer.

How to decode WWII Army ribbons?

How to Decode WWII Army Ribbons The ribbon. Observe the ribbon carefully and note what colors are used and the pattern of the colors. If the medal is attached, examine it as well. Go. Go to the DOD Institute of Heraldry home page (see the Resources section). Compare ribbons. Compare ribbons. Click on the link. Click on the link when you find a ribbon that matches.

What is armed forces ribbon?

Description Armed Forces Service Medal Ribbon Criteria: The Armed Forces Service Medal (AFSM) is an award of the U.S. military and was established on January 11th, 1996. The AFSM is given to personnel who partake in “significant activity” for which no other service or campaign medal is accredited.

What is meaning of yellow ribbons for armed forces?

A yellow ribbon is a symbol with various meanings, mostly associated with those waiting for the return of a loved one or of military troops who are temporarily unable to come home.