How do you get gems on Block Craft 3D?

How do you get gems on Block Craft 3D?

There are 3 ways for you to get them:

  1. Watching videos in “Get Free Gems”
  2. Purchasing them in the Shop.
  3. Opening gifts that are spread daily around your village.

Can we hack Block Craft 3D?

We have available a hacked version of Block Craft 3D cheats on Android with a mod for a lot of money. You can download it for free and immediately acquire maximum resources for the construction of more complex buildings.

How do you get free fly in Block Craft 3D?

With this being a free to play game the developers have chosen the ability to fly around as a premium extra for players. The only way to access this is to pay for the option which is a button on the screen available at any point.

How do you beat Block Craft 3D?

Block Craft 3D Cheats: 6 Killer Tips & Hints You Need to Know

  1. Focus On Building Coin-Earning Structures. What is this?
  2. Create XP-Earning Buildings As Well.
  3. Get Rid Of Old Buildings To Make Way For New, Improved Ones.
  4. Ascend To A Higher Area.
  5. Build Faster, Here’s How.
  6. Access Those Tougher Parts Of A New Building.

How do you get coins in Block craft?

You can earn coins by finish constructing some buildings from the Shop. You can also convert gems into coins! We wish you a great time!

How do you wave on Block craft?

To wave at a villager, you just need to tap on them!

Can I get unlimited gems in Block craft 3D?

Block Craft 3D is the best Minecraft-like copy game for anyone to enjoy. Build, destroy, survive, share, and thrive! The game offers dozens of different building options for you to choose from….Block Craft 3D Mod APK 2.13.68 (Unlimited gems and coins)

Name Block Craft 3D
Updated Jan 19, 2022
Compatible with Android 4.0.3+
Last version 2.13.68
Size 84.74 Mb

How do you fly in Block craft?

Using the Fly Ability is quite simple! Take a look! You can use the joystick on the left to go higher or lower. Swiping the screen left, right, up, and down to direct in which direction you are flying.

Can you fly in Block craft?

How do you make your village public in Block craft 3D?

Sharing your village is quite simple! You must first reach level 5 and have chosen a thumbnail picture. Then, tap on the back arrow in the upper lefthand corner and tap Share your village. Cool, isn’t it?

What are coins for in block craft 3d?

You’re largely just walking around, and tapping on pre-made structures to place blocks. You can quick build using the gems, and you’ll use coins in order to use some structures in order to level up to build other things. It’s incredibly light in what you’re doing, but it does run well.