How do you ferment an Altbier?

How do you ferment an Altbier?


  1. Single infusion rest at 152°F for 60 minutes.
  2. Boil and add hops.
  3. Chill to 62°F.
  4. Pitch healthy yeast into oxygenated wort and ferment at 62°F for 1 week. Raise the temperature to 66°F for 1 week to finish fermentation.
  5. Keg or bottle with a carbonation of about 2.5 volumes CO2.

What is Doppelsticke?

Doppelsticke, as its name implies, is a “doubled” version of the Sticke, making it something akin to a German Barleywine. Then there’s Sticke (Secret) Altbier. Doppelsticke, as its name implies, is a “doubled” version of the Sticke, making it something akin to a German Barleywine.

How is Altbier brewed?

Altbier is a unique beer style because it requires an unorthodox, “cool” fermentation by a specialty yeast that works best in a temperature range between 13°C and 19°C (55°F and 66°F).

Is Altbier bitter?

Authentic Alts have assertive bitterness ranging from 25 to 50 IBU, but have only minimal, if any, hop flavor or aroma.

Is Altbier dark beer?

Characteristics. Altbier is usually a dark, copper colour. Because Altbier is then matured at a cooler temperature, its flavour is more akin to lager beer styles than is the norm for top-fermented beers (such as British pale ale).

Do you need to lager Altbier?

After fermenting your beer, lager for 4-8 weeks at around 40°F. Lagering will help you to mellow out the hops and assist in beer clarity. If fermenting at a higher temperature, lagering will help reduce the fruity esters that will be produced by the yeast.

Is Altbier a lager or ale?

Altbier, however, is not purely an ale, nor is it a lager. It is a hybrid. It’s made with the pale malts and Saaz hops of a classic German Pilsner, plus some darker roasted grains; then it employs an aggressive, top-fermenting ale yeast that attenuates the wort completely to reduce the sweetness.

What is a German-style Altbier?

Originally from the Düsseldorf area of Germany, the German-Style Altbier strikes a balance between hop and malt flavors and aromas, but can have low fruity esters and some peppery and floral hop aromas. Alt, meaning “old,” pays homage to one rebel region in Germany which did not lean into lagering. …

What is the best altbier?

Top Rated Beers: Altbier

Sorted by weighted rank (not shown). Ratings
1 Doppelsticke Uerige Obergärige Hausbrauerei 715
2 Copper The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery 459
3 Füchschen Alt Brauerei Im Füchschen 89
4 Sticke Uerige Obergärige Hausbrauerei 528

What makes our Altbier so special?

In spite of – or maybe because of – this, our legendary Altbier from Düsseldorf is full-bodied, aromatic, and agreeable. Our top-fermented specialty has been brewed since 1862, and is made of barley malt, caramel malt, roasted malt, umbel hops, water – and our unique Uerige yeast.

How do you Make Your Altbier wort more fermentable?

I typically add a teaspoon of Calcium Chloride and Gypsum as a base for many of my recipes. I mash this recipe at a slightly lower temperature for a longer time in order to (in theory) produce a more fermentable wort. I do this since my preferred yeast (mentioned above) is not super attenuative, and I want my Altbier to have a nice, crisp finish.

What is the best yeast for Altbier?

There are a few yeast strains especially well suited for this style. Fermentis K-97 Dry German Ale Yeast is a good choice due to it’s clean ester profile, and high flocculation. This Altbier looks pretty tasty, right? As I mentioned, my recipe is kind of a combination of some examples I found elsewhere, along with my own research into the style.

How do I know if my Altbier is authentic?

An authentic Altbier will contain an assertive bitterness ranging from 25 to 50 IBUs. Even with this bitterness, there will be a small amount of hop flavor or aroma. Bittering additions should be at the beginning of the 90 to 120 minute boil.

Is Kolsch an Altbier?

As previously stated, both styles originated in Germany, but the difference is that they originated from two different cities on opposite sides of the Rhine River. Kölsch is a German Ale that originated in Cologne. Altbier is also a German Ale but this style originated in Düsseldorf.

What does Altbier taste like?

Taste. Much like its fragrant offerings, this Altbier is well-balanced, never leaning too sweet or too bitter. It begins with a toasty, malted flavor that’s both clean and crisp. You should get some of the hoppy bitterness on the back of your tongue as the taste pleasantly lingers.

Is Altbier a craft beer?

Classified by the BJCP as an “Amber Hybrid,” the home of Altbier is undeniably the Westphalian town of Düsseldorf in the Lower Rhine Region. In all, the Altbier style is a great entry level style for Americans new to the craft beer world and for those looking for an easy drinking, light ale.

What is a German Altbier?

German Altbier or Alt is a top fermenting beer that originated in the German Westphalia region and later grew in popularity around the Rhineland.

Is altbier bitter?

What does altbier taste like?

What is an Altbier similar to?

Altbier is somewhat similar to Cologne’s native beer style Kölsch, being warm-fermented at a lower temperature than British ales, and Altbier proper is also brewed as “Ehrenfelder Alt”, in Cologne’s smallest brewery “Braustelle” .