How do you count to 50 in Italian?

How do you count to 50 in Italian?

Sono le due e undici. ˃ It’s 2:11….Italian Cardinal Numbers From 1 to 100.

Numbers and Pronounciations
30 trenta TREN-tah
40 quaranta kwah-RAHN-tah
50 cinquanta cheen-KWAHN-tah
60 sessanta ses-SAHN-tah

What are Italian numbers 1 20?

M: uno, due, tre, quattro, cinque, sei, sette, otto, nove, dieci, undici, dodici, tredici, quattordici, quindici, sedici, diciassette, diciotto, diciannove, venti. K: Now you can count to 20, what can you do with these numbers? M: Buy beers. K: Yea, the most important thing when you go abroad is to buy beers.

How are numbers written in Italy?

In Italian we use the comma – which is a virgola, not a comma! – to indicate the decimal point. So we write 1,5 instead of 1.5 and we say uno virgola cinque. Virgola is pronounced with the stress on the first syllable.

How do you say number 1 in Italian?

Counting From Zero To Twenty In Italian

  1. Zero — zero.
  2. One — uno.
  3. Two — due.
  4. Three — tre.
  5. Four — quattro.
  6. Five — cinque.
  7. Six — sei.
  8. Seven — sette.

How do you count Italiano?

How do you count from 1 to 10 in Italian?

Italian numbers 1-10

  1. uno [OOH-noh] one.
  2. due [DOOH-eh] two.
  3. tre [TREH] three.
  4. quattro [KWAHT-troh] four.
  5. cinque [CHEEN-kweh] five.
  6. sei [SEY] six.
  7. sette [SEHT-teh] seven.
  8. otto [OHT-toh] eight.

How do numbers work in Italian?

From now on you can apply a simple rule. Let’s see! Basically we can just add the first 9 numbers to 20 in order to reach number 30….So let’s go through and see how Italian numbers work: we start with numbers from 0 to 20!

Number Word
40 Quaranta
50 Cinquanta
60 Sessanta
70 Settanta

What are the numbers from 1 to 100 in Italian?

Numbers from 1 to 100 in Italian 1 uno 2 due 3 tre 4 quattro 5 cinque 6 sei 7 sette 8 otto 9 nove 10 dieci

How do you write hundreds in Italian?

Cento The hundreds in Italian are regular. You just need to put the single digit number before cento. The exception is 100 where it is… Before we continue with large numbers, we need to know something important about numbers in Italian that is different from English-speaking countries.

How to write numbers from 10-20 to 99 in Italian?

The numbers from 10-20 are mostly irregular so unfortunately you will just have to learn them by heart. To write the numbers from 20 to 99 in Italian, you just add the single number (units) to the tens number. EXCEPTION: when you add the number 1 or 8 to the end.

What numbers drop the final vowel in Italian?

NUMBER AND PRONUNCIATION. The numbers venti, trenta, quaranta, cinquanta, and so on drop the final vowel when combined with uno – 1 and otto – 8. Tre – 3 is written without an accent, but ventitré – 23, trentatré – 33, and so on are written with an acute accent.