How do you complete the Doberman mission?

How do you complete the Doberman mission?

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  1. Go to Glen Park, Ballas territory and take it over.
  2. Attack enemy gang members while on foot.
  3. Survive the first wave of Ballas.
  4. Survive the second wave of Ballas.
  5. Survive the third wave of Ballas.
  6. You have flushed the grass out, kill him.

What happens when you take over all the hoods in GTA San Andreas?

Taking over all of the other gangs’ turf in Los Santos will mean that the Grove Street Families have completely taken over Los Santos; the player’s territories will no longer be attacked.

What is the hardest mission in San Andreas?

1) Supply Lines When it comes to hard missions in GTA San Andreas, a mission known as “Supply Lines” is probably the hardest players will face. Players had to fly a remote-controlled plane and destroy the couriers’ vans before completing their deliveries.

What mission is Big Smoke’s order?

Big Smoke when ordering his food, one of the most memorable lines throughout the entire GTA series. Drive-Thru is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to Carl Johnson by Sweet from his house in the Grove Street cul-de-sac in Ganton.

What mission unlocks Ammunation GTA SA?

mission Doberman
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Ammu-Nations only open up after the mission Doberman. Weapons are bought by standing on the red marker inside Ammu-Nation stores. A menu to choose the weapon is displayed.

How do you complete the Cesar Vialpando mission?

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  1. Go to the garage in Willowfield.
  2. Back up the lowrider into the mod garage.
  3. Get to the lowrider meeting.
  4. Use the suspension controls to bounce in time with the music.

How can I skip a mission in GTA San Andreas?

Using a savegame file, which can be easily found online, is one of the best ways to skip missions in GTA San Andreas on PC. These save files include missions that have already been completed as well as features that have been unlocked by other players.

Who Killed Carl Johnson’s mom?

Death. In 1992, two Ballas members, under the orders of corrupt LSPD officers Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski, attempted a drive-by shooting at Beverly’s house, in order to attempt to kill Sweet. However, Sweet was not in the house, and instead Beverly was killed.

What is the hardest GTA mission of all time?

Top 10 Hardest Missions in GTA Series Ranked

  • Keep Your Friends Close (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)
  • Espresso 2 Go (Grand Theft Auto III)
  • Death Row (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)
  • Supply Lines (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)
  • The Driver (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)
  • Three Leaf Clover (Grand Theft Auto IV)

What is the best mission in GTA San Andreas?

10 Best Main Missions In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • 3 Vertical Bird.
  • 4 End Of The Line.
  • 5 Freefall.
  • 6 Yay Ka Boom Boom.
  • 7 The Da Nang Thang.
  • 8 Pier 69.
  • 9 The Green Sabre.
  • 10 Reuniting The Families. A meeting between all the gangs goes awry and CJ must rescue Sweet from inside a motel while police attack him.

What is a number 9 large?

The gang pulls up the to window, where Big Smoke orders all the food. This is everything he orders: Two number 9s (for CJ and Ryder), a number 9 large (for himself), a number 6 with extra dip (for Sweet), a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda (all for himself).

What is the introduction to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

The Introduction is a roughly twenty minute video, created with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ video engine, that details how events in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City led to events in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It was available with the North American PS2 Special Edition of GTA San Andreas or the official soundtrack double CD.

What are the best missions in GTA San Andreas?

Missions in GTA San Andreas. 1 Frank Tenpenny. Name. Objectives. Reward. Unlocks. Badlands. Situation: Although he is able to save a grievously injured Sweet, who is now 2 Anonymous Identifier mission. 3 The Truth. 4 Cesar Vialpando. 5 Catalina.

How do you unlock the map in GTA San Andreas?

Task: Perform drive-by shootings on the Ballas and escape the heat afterwards. A map unlock :- Due to an in-mission programme which prohibits a wanted level before a point in the mission, it is possible to unlock the entire map of San Andreas before entering Sweet’s car in the beginning of the mission.

What year does GTA San Andreas take place in?

It is set in early 1992. The video ends directly at the beginning of GTA San Andreas, when protagonist Carl “CJ” Johnson arrives in San Andreas after hearing the news that his mom has died. Protagonist Carl “CJ” Johnson returns to his hometown of Los Santos and needs to re-establish himself in his former neighborhood.