How do you come up with a name for a law firm?

How do you come up with a name for a law firm?

Consider adding these to your law firm’s name

  1. Add last names.
  2. Add your practice area.
  3. Make it clear that you are a law firm.
  4. Indicate your firm size.
  5. Brainstorm some law firm names.
  6. Get some third-party opinions.
  7. Check the domain and business registration availability.
  8. Think about trademarking your law firm’s name.

What is a good name for a law firm?

15 Law Firm Names That Convey Professionalism

  • Above The Bar.
  • Justice Served.
  • Just Justice.
  • Actionable Attorneys.
  • Attorney Alliance.
  • Legal Legends.
  • Law For All.
  • Before The Law.

What are nicknames for lawyers?


  • advocate,
  • attorney,
  • attorney-at-law,
  • counsel,
  • counselor.
  • (or counsellor),
  • counselor-at-law,
  • legal eagle.

What do you call a small law firm?

Small law firms, also referred to as “boutique” law firms, generally employ from two to ten attorneys — often allowing the lawyers an opportunity to collaborate with other lawyers on complicated or related legal matters.

Why do law firms have names?

A Brand Name Can Convey Success. It may be unfair, but some clients have the perception that a bigger law firm is a better law firm. While you obviously wouldn’t want to deliberately convey that your law firm employed more people than it does, a brand name can create the impression of a more established practice.

Why are law firms always last names?

Having a partnership means that you can take on larger and more complex cases. It means that you can have departments that specialize in certain subject areas. In the U.S., law firms are always named after the attorneys who own the firm.

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Are all lawyers Esquire?

In legal terms, the title esquire, in America, simply means someone who can practice law. Any lawyer can take on the title esquire, regardless of what type of law they practice. Family lawyers, personal injury attorneys, and corporate lawyers all have the right to use esquire as a title.

Why do law firms have two names?

For efficient pooling of resources and economy, most law firms are partnerships, which requires at least two general partners to handle the liability of the firm. That is why the name often has two partners’ names. Depending on the country’s laws, partnerships can have a maximum of 15–25 general partners.

Why do law firms have weird names?

Firms may change their names early in their existences as partners come/go and because there are rules about how names may be used: in the 12-lawyer firm of Smith & Stevens, if Stevens starts his own shop or becomes a judge, his name typically has to come down to avoid misleading consumers.

What are some names of law firms?

Currently, the law firms are organized in a variety of ways, depending on the jurisdiction in which the firm practices. Sole proprietorship, general partnership, professional corporations, limited liability company, professional association, and limited liability partnership are some of the common arrangements.

What is a solo lawyer?

Solo lawyers have the ability to choose their own hours, select who they work with , and decide which cases they want to work on . While this may sound appealing at first, the additional work required to run a law firm by yourself can take a considerable amount of extra time.

What is law firm business?

A law firm is an association of lawyers who practice law. It is a business entity formed by one or more lawyers to engage in the practice of law. Usually, the members of a law firm share clients and profits.