How do you care for a Cordyline rubra?

How do you care for a Cordyline rubra?

PLANTING: Plant in a full-part shade position in the garden in free draining soil. Mulch when planting and water regularly until the plant is established, usually around 12 weeks. Water regularly during dry periods. Cordylines are hardy and will tolerate periods of sun although they prefer filtered light.

Can Cordyline rubra grow in full sun?

They like a rich, well-drained soil and reliable moisture, but can tolerate dry periods. They will need wind protection. Warm and cool temperate cordylines prefer full-sun to part shade. They are adaptable to most soil types, but must have good drainage, and will be tolerant of dry conditions once established.

How do you care for a dracaena cordyline?

Water Cordyline plants growing in garden beds or containers as needed based on weather conditions to maintain a moist but not wet soil. Constantly soggy soil can cause root rot, so avoid overwatering plants. Keep in mind that the soil in containers and pots will dry out quicker than ground soil.

How tall do Cordyline rubra grow?

Cordyline rubra, known as the palm lily is an evergreen Australian plant. It grows as a shrub to around 4 metres (13 ft) tall. Found in warm rainforest and moist eucalyptus forest.

Where should Cordyline be placed?

Cordyline Fruticosa Plant Care Outdoors Outdoors, Ti plant grows well in full sun, partially shaded sites and in deep shade, though the leaf colors are brightest in sunny locations. Grow Ti plant in well-drained, but fertile soil, and water the plant regularly, so the soil remains constantly moist but not soggy.

Are cordyline roots invasive?

While roots of cordylines are not considered to be invasive, the shear volume of the underground structure as the plant grows larger could put pressure on surrounding walls and paths and cause structural damage.

Can you cut the top off a cordyline?

The secret with keeping your cordylines in good shape – and colour – is to be ruthless and cut off their heads! Yes! So when a cordyline becomes too tall and straggly for its position, take a clean, sharp pair of secateurs, shears or loppers and remove top growth, leaving about 1 foot (40 cms) of bare stem.

Do Cordylines like sun or shade?

They like a warm sheltered position, with fertile well-drained soil. Read our guide on how to assess your garden conditions. Full sun is ideal for green-leaved cordylines, but light shade is preferable for those with colourful or variegated leaves, as strong sun can fade their rich hues.

How fast does a cordyline grow?

The Growth Rate of Cordylines Remember that it can take around four years for a stem cutting to achieve an acceptable size and 15 to 20 years for a cordyline to form a trunk and grow into a tree.

What is the smallest cordyline?

Cordyline pumilio
Cordyline pumilio is the smallest of New Zealand’s five native species of Cordyline.

How fast do cordyline australis grow?