How do you arrange a list horizontally in HTML?

How do you arrange a list horizontally in HTML?

If you want to make this navigational unordered list horizontal, you have basically two options:

  1. Make the list items inline instead of the default block. .li { display: inline; } This will not force breaks after the list items and they will line up horizontally as far as they are able.
  2. Float the list items.

How do you center a list?

There are two simple ways to center list item horizontally.

  1. display: inline-block & text-align: center. .list-container { text-align: center; .list-item { display: inline-block; } }
  2. width: fit-content & margin: 0 auto;

How do you display list items in a row?

List items are normally block elements. Turn them into inline elements via the display property. You could also set them to float to the right. This allows them to still be block level, but will appear on the same line.

How do I show a list vertically in CSS?

“display list items vertically css” Code Answer’s

  1. li {
  2. display: inline-block;
  3. }

What should I write a list about?

Here, then, are 60 lists to make when you’re feeling down:

  • List your favorite books.
  • List the books you want to read.
  • List your favorite movies.
  • List the movies you want to watch.
  • List all the adventures you’ve been on.
  • List all the adventures you want to go on.
  • List all the countries/cities you’ve been to.

How do you write nutrition?

Writing About Health and Nutrition: 4 tips for Creating Informative and Engaging Content

  1. Capture your audience with a hook.
  2. Capitalize on your readers’ interest in health.
  3. Offer your readers a scientific foundation, but don’t overwhelm them.
  4. Provide actionable next steps.

How do you display vertically?

How to set up a vertical monitor?

  1. Make sure your monitor is portrait mode compatible.
  2. Rotate your monitor 90 degrees clockwise, so that the monitor is vertical.
  3. Once the monitor is rotated 90 degrees, move over to your desktop, pc or laptop and then right click and hit display settings.
  4. Click identify so that you see which monitor you are working with.