How do I turn off HKS turbo timer?

How do I turn off HKS turbo timer?

Timer OFF function ・ Pressing and holding the [center key] during the countdown will turn the timer OFF, and the Engine will shut OFF. (the next time the ignition is turned ON, the Turbo Timer will automatically turn back ON and goes back to the normal setup.)

What is HKS turbo timer?

This product is a device applicable to a vehicle starts the engine using the ignition key. HKS Turbo Timer was developed to prevent the turbocharger damage by letting the engine idle even after the engine was off. Turbocharged engine was standardized.

Do turbo diesels need a turbo timer?

When you have a diesel engine in the diesel car or other vehicle, you should have to install the diesel turbo timer to do all these functions in a better manner. Diesel easily cools down the engine than the petrol which is only less of the need to also cool down.

Are turbo timers necessary?

It all depends on your car and how you drive it. But if you’re one of the many who simply use their car to get to work and back, you don’t need a turbo timer. Most regular drivers will never drive their cars hard enough to require such a device. Especially when they talk about carbon deposits and a failed turbocharger.

How long should I let my turbo idle?

Drive your car gently for the last minute or two of the drive, or let the car idle afterwards for at least 60 seconds. By letting it run. the oil will continue to circulate and cool down the turbo. One of the main reasons your turbo will die is because of oil “coking”.

Why should you let a turbo idle?

Is it necessary to let a turbo engine idle for a few minutes before I switch the ignition off? Turbocharged engines do need to cool down before they are turned off. The layer of oil around the turbocharger bearings stop flowing and literally gets “burnt”. The black sludge that forms is not good for any engine.

Is it bad to rev a turbo car?

It does not matter if the engine is naturally aspirated or turbocharged, a cold engine should not be revved hard. In turbocharged engines, the damage can be much more. The engine oil lubricates the engine and keeps it safe from any wear and tear.

How does the HKS turbo timer work?

— By allowing a turbocharged Engine to idle, oil continues to pass through the turbo until it has cooled down to the point where oil ”coking” will not occur, thereby prolonging the life of the turbocharger.  The HKS Turbo Timer type-1 is a turb oimeh a fsl nc .

What is a turbo timer type-1 key lock?

TURBO TIMER type-1 Keeps the vehicle idling for a preset period of time after ignition Ehas been turned off. DC12V Negative Ground Vehicles. 41001-AK010 Some vehicles may require a Key Lock Release Adapter.

How do I set the turbo timer to 30 seconds?

(2) Set the manual timer setting to 30 seconds or longer. (3) Step on the foot brake, and release the parking brake. (4) Turn the ignition key off.   If the Turbo Timer shuts off immediately and the Engine stops when the parking brake is released, the Turbo Timer is installed correctly.

What is the difference between auto start and manual start timer?

Auto Start ・ As soon as the run begins, the Timer automatically starts to measure the time. ・ When the set distance or speed is obtained, the Timer will automatically end and notifies the driver with a beeping noise. Manual Start ・ Press the   [center key] to start a 3, 2, 1…countdown.