How do I set up a bmobile data plan?

How do I set up a bmobile data plan?

Simply follow the steps below to purchase the plan:

  1. Dial *123# from your handset.
  2. Choose the “Special Promotions” option from the Menu.
  3. Choose a plan from the options listed.

What do I dial for bmobile data plan?

Dial *100 from your bmobile number. Dial 824-TSTT (8788). Option 1.

What is bmobile B productive plan?

What is the bmobile b productive plan? Prepaid customers can now purchase the new prepaid b productive 30 Day Plan. This plan will allow free access to online learning and meeting tools, from personal devices, in addition to a basic mobile service offering.

How activate 4g in bmobile?

Android Devices Setup

  1. Go to network settings on your phone and select mobile networks.
  2. Add access point and fill in the details as shown below: a. Name: Give connection a name (it can be anything): example BTL. b. APN: internet. c. Authentication Type: PAP or CHAP.
  3. Save the access point and select the access point.

How do you buy bmobile data bundles?

Dial *180# to subscribe for BTC Video Bundles and tune in from anywhere.

How do I top up my bmobile data?

How it Works

  1. Enter Phone Number. Enter the number of the mobile phone you wish to recharge online and select your carrier.
  2. Select Top-Up Amount. Review all the available amounts online and choose a mobile recharge amount to send to friends or family.
  3. Complete Payment.

How do you buy data on prepaid bmobile?

To purchase a Data Add-On:

  1. Dial *600# from your USSD screen on Huawei Web User Interface or App.
  2. Dial *100 from your bmobile number.
  3. Dial 824-TSTT (8788). Option 1.

How do I add data to my bmobile phone?

To purchase a Data Add-On: Dial *600# from your USSD screen on Huawei Web User Interface or App. Dial *100 from your bmobile number. Dial 824-TSTT (8788)….For Local Data

  1. 2GB Add On – $15.
  2. 5GB Add On – $25.
  3. Click here for more details on our local data add-ons.

What is bmobile LTE?

bmobile is a Mobile Phone, Home Security provider, and fixed wireless provider of Trinidad and Tobago, operating as a division of TSTT. …

How do I activate bmobile data on my iPhone?

The activation page can only be access by using b-mobile network….APN setting iOS & Android

  1. Insert the SIM card to your device.
  2. Connect to WiFi and download the APN profile to your iPhone or iPad. *We recommend using Safari to install the profile.
  3. Tap on “Install”.
  4. Tap on “Done” to complete the installation.

How do I subscribe to bmobile Internet?

Get data bundles that meet your online needs. Dial *180# to subscribe for Live Social, TurnUp Bundles and BTC Video Bundles.

What are bmobile’s cheap mobile data plans?

With bmobile’s Cheap Mobile Data plans, you’ll get the right plans for your needs at the right prices. With plans that give you data for as low as K5 per gigabyte, there’s no terms and conditions here, just great mobile data plans at the best prices These plans are applicable to both 3G and 4GLTE networks.

How to check in-package roaming bundles in bmobile?

This can be done by dialing *100 from your mobile phone or visiting any bmobile Retail Store. 6. What is the priority for in-package roaming bundles and the Postpaid Roaming Add-Ons? Only bmobile Everything Plans have in-package roaming bundles.

How can I purchase a bmobile add-on for additional minutes?

For additional minutes to other local networks or international destinations, you can purchase a bmobile Add-On. Dial *123# from your mobile phone and select Get Voice Add-Ons. 11) How can I sign up for any of these plans if I am already a bmobile Postpaid customer?

Can I be an owner of the bmobile premium shared plan?

However, there must be a minimum of two (2) subscribers joining at inception (Owner +1 Member). Yes. Existing Postpaid subscribers can be Owners of the bmobile Premium Shared Plan. Customers will be required to clear any outstanding balances. Early Termination Fees will be applicable for customers in contract.