How do I schedule in dentrix?

How do I schedule in dentrix?

Scheduling appointments for existing patients

  1. On the Schedule menu, click (or tap) Calendar.
  2. Navigate to a day or week.
  3. Do one of the following:
  4. Do one of the following:
  5. Select the procedures that are to be performed, and set up the other options as needed.
  6. Click (or tap) Save.
  7. Do one of the following if applicable:

How do you do a perfect day scheduling in dentrix?

Enabling Perfect Day Scheduling In the Appointment Book, click Options > Perfect Day Scheduling. You should now see the time blocks you created in the operatories of your Appointment Book. This serves as a visual cue to remind you that these times are blocked for the production types you set up.

What are the two most common methods for scheduling appointments?

To review: What are the two METHODS used to schedule appointments. One is manually the other electronically. Manual: appointment book- spiral..etc OR electronically using a computer. DAILY APPOINTMENT SCHEDULE: used to pull medical records for pt, used as a list of pt who will visit the office.

How do I change my appointment in dentrix?

On the View menu, set the Show only working providers switch to On or Off. Then, click (or tap) Done. On the View menu, set the Show missed appointments switch to On or Off. Then, click (or tap) Done….Customizing the schedule view.

Schedule View – By Week
By Operatory By Provider

How do I set up continuing care in dentrix?

To set up a new continuing care type:

  1. In the Office Manager, select Maintenance | Practice Setup | Continuing Care | Continuing Care Setup. The Continuing Care Setup dialog appears.
  2. Click New. The New Continuing Care Type dialog appears.

How do you make an operatory in dentrix?

Setting up Operatory Hours From the Setup menu in the Appointment Book, click Operatory Setup. With the first operatory selected, click Setup and select each day this operatory might be used. (Again, even if the operatory is used only every other Friday, make sure you select Friday).

How do I get dentrix certified?

*You must have a minimum of 2 years dental office experience using Dentrix G2 or higher to become a Dentrix Certified Trainer.

  1. Step 1 – Complete our online survey.
  2. Step 2 – Pass the certification exam with a score of 90% or higher.
  3. Step 3 – Participate in a phone interview.

How do I choose the best Dentrix training?

Online tutorials, hands-on workshops, half-day training seminars and many more options are available to help you master the software that runs your practice. Choose the Dentrix training that matches your needs, your schedule and your budget. Dentrix Workshops give your team hands-on, in-depth training away from the distractions of the office.

What is the Dentrix Resource Center?

The Dentrix Resource Center lets you learn Dentrix at your own pace, with software tutorials and hands–on practice exercises available online, on demand. You can study Dentrix learning plans for specific tasks, search the Support Knowledgebase for FAQs and troubleshooting tips, or download product documentation as you need it.

What are customdentrix workshops?

Dentrix Workshops give your team hands-on, in-depth training away from the distractions of the office. Taught by Dentrix Certified Trainers, our full-day workshops enable your team to advance their understanding of Dentrix features and tools that will benefit your practice, while earning continuing education (CE) credits.