How do I recharge Cmhk?

How do I recharge Cmhk?

  1. Visit CMHK Website > Online Service > Payment & refill > Prepaid Card Refillment.
  2. Select payment method and enter “Prepaid Mobile Number”
  3. Follow the instruction to refill prepaid card.

How do I load my smart one card?

Recharge via SmarTone CARE app

  1. Open SmarTone CARE app and tap “Top up” icon, then follow the instructions to recharge with your credit card.
  2. Recharge value will be loaded to your account within 5 minutes.
  3. SmarTone CARE app can be used on smartphone running ios 10.0 or above Android TM 5.0 or above.

How do I check my Cmhk balance?

CMHK Common Short Code Summary (This summary will be updated from time to time. Please dial *135# to get the latest version)

  1. Usage Enquiry: *122#
  2. Resend Bill Alert Service: *125#
  3. Roaming Data Usage Enquiry: *122*01#
  4. Obtain QR Code for bill payment: *171#

How can I register my Kabayan Internet $20?

Call, text and chat with your friends and family, or access social apps and content for less. Dial *143# to subscribe.

How do I activate Cmhk Internet?

Activation Method: Insert the SIM card into the cell phone and turn it on, in a few minutes customer will receive a confirmation SMS, indicating successful service activation. Once activated, $50 basic service fee will be deducted every 30 days automatically.

How can I load Kabayan voucher?

Kabayan Refill Tutorial

  1. Select “Telecom”
  2. Select “Prepaid Card Refill”
  3. Input mobile phone number.
  4. Select the amount to refill.
  5. Proceed to payment.
  6. Choose the payment method and follow the payment procedures.

How do I register for Cmhk Internet banking?

All prepaid customers who have subscribed Data 7-day or 30-day Package can enjoy CMHK Wi-Fi service for free. Kabayan or Rekanan card users can press *103*01# to subscribe the 30-Day Mobile Data Package ($78/30 days). For other prepaid customers, please press *103# for subscription details.

How can I deactivate du Kabayan bundle?

How can I unsubscribe from Kabayan Deal? You can unsubscribe at any time. Simply dial *135*71# and select option 2.

How do I find my mobile number in China?

China Mobile Official Operator number is 10086. You can call them to know the information. However, it will be easier to send a text message.

How do I register for Cmhk Internet?

Where can I refill my CMHK prepaid SIM card?

CMHK Prepaid SIM Cards and Refill Vouchers are available at CMHK Shops, convenience stores, telecom product shops or dealers. Furthermore, customers can refill Prepaid SIM Cards via many convenient methods to enjoy prepaid services continually.

What is the BOC CMHK dual currency diamond card refill value?

NOTE: BOC CMHK Dual Currency Diamond Card Customers are required to make transactions via “Credit Card Channel (Visa/MasterCard/JCB/UnionPay^)” to avail 3X Rewards Gift Points. Minimum refill value is $50 and maximum refill value is $1000 per transaction.

What is the minimum refill value and maximum refill value?

Minimum refill value is $50 and maximum refill value is $1000 per transaction. This offer is not applicable to customers Kabayan, Rekanan, Teman, My Friend Prepaid SIM Card, Kid Watch Bay Area 365 Day Prepaid SIM Card, MySim mobile service, SIMPLIFLY and Mobile Duck Data Prepaid SIM Cards. Accepted credit cards: Accepted debit cards ^:

How can I refill my sim card in Hong Kong?

Visit China Mobile Hong Kong Co. Ltd. (“CMHK”) shops and choose any refill amount you want ($10 minimum). Our staff will refill your SIM card for you. Customers must activate SIM card before refilling.