How do I make NPCs more interesting?

How do I make NPCs more interesting?

Your best bet to develop rich and interesting NPCs is to come up with a lot of simple “NPC seeds” who perform walk-ons throughout the game, and let your PCs choose which ones they find most engaging. A good “NPC seed” needs: A goal or purpose – Something they want, or a reason they do the things they do.

How do you get players to care about NPCs?

Here are some thoughts on encouraging players to care more about your NPCs.

  1. Focus On What You Control.
  2. Build Relationships With Encounters.
  3. Add More NPC.
  4. Write Down Player Kicks.
  5. Ask For Help.
  6. Pivot The NPC Reaction Chart.
  7. Give NPCs Personality.
  8. Phandelver and D&D 5 Good So Far.

How do you make a good NPC in D&D?

Most key NPCs fit better in a recurring role. Aim for a small cast of distinctive characters who appear enough to build relationships with the players. Rather than creating a new character to deliver each session’s hook, or to reveal a new secret, look to revisit familiar characters.

How do you make an NPC likeable?

Beyond that, think about what makes someone likable in real life….

  1. Give her memorable traits: have one, or two, major character traits, and several minor ones, that define her.
  2. Plan several scripted (on her part) conversations with existing characters.
  3. Give her strong links to the PC’s world.
  4. Give her a pet.

How do you make a loveable NPC?

How to Create Loveable Non-Player Characters While You Supercharge Your Sex Appeal

  1. Make characters distinctive.
  2. Make characters flawed.
  3. Make characters relatable.
  4. Make characters useful.
  5. Make characters authentic and vulnerable.
  6. Make characters struggle.
  7. Make characters ask for help.
  8. Make characters show warmth.

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