How do I look up court cases in Solano County?

How do I look up court cases in Solano County?

You may also go to Court Connect at and follow the prompts to search by name or case number.

Are California records public?

Californians have the right under the state Public Records Act and the California Constitution to access public information maintained by local and state government agencies, including the Department of Justice. To obtain records of another agency, please contact the agency directly.

How do I find out if I have a warrant in Solano County?

How can I find out if I have a Solano County warrant for my arrest? You can call the Solano County Sheriff’s records/warrant bureau (707) 421-7010.

What does vacated hearing mean?

It means that a previously scheduled hearing has been removed from the schedule and will not go forward.

What area is Solano County in?

906 mi²
Solano County/Area

Solano County is located in Northern California’s North Bay region in San Francisco Bay Area. The county is spread over an area of 906 square miles. Out of nine counties in San Francisco Bay Area, it is the easternmost county of the North Bay.

What does 002 me hearing vacated?

It’s for a DUI arrest. DUI DUI charges DUI arrest.

Where can I find superior court records in Solano County?

The Superior Court of California in Solano County has various divisions hearing cases from these four courthouses: The Superior Court provides public access to the records of these courts via its CourtConnect portal. Use it to search for docket reports, court judgements, and case files.

How many court cases were filed in solsolano County in 2018?

Solano County court records data dates back to 2012. Some may date back further, but they started formally recording them since 2012. There was a total of 58,028 cases filed in the county for the year 2018. The most popular type of court case is criminal comprising 76% of the total filings.

How to find a birth or death record in Solano County?

The Assessor/Recorder is the official responsible for providing copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates in Solano County. To obtain any of these vital records in person, visit the Public Counter of the county’s Vital Records office with your photo ID. The location of this office is 675 Texas Street, Suite 2700, Fairfield.

Where is the Solano County assessor’s office?

The location of this office is 675 Texas Street, Suite 2700, Fairfield. Its phone number is (707) 784-6294. The Solano County Assessor also accepts mail requests for vital records.