How do I get a senior citizen card in Malaysia?

How do I get a senior citizen card in Malaysia?

Application can be made at our Concession Registration Counter located at Pasar Seni Bus Hub or via online. Operating hours – Monday to Saturday : (9 am to 5 pm) Notes: Concession card registration closed at 4 pm daily.

What is concession KTMB?

Concession Ticket Concession rate are offered only for KTM Intercity and ETS trains. Date of travel either one way or return is not exceed 30 days from date of purchase. Concession rate is 40% from adult traveling fare for ETS and Intercity only. Eligible for all type of coaches for ETS and Intercity.

Who is eligible for GSC senior ticket?

(i) Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC): Up to 50% off for senior citizens who are 55 years old and above, applicable only for shows before 6pm on weekdays (excluding Wednesdays and Public Holidays.

What age is considered senior citizen in Malaysia?

60 years and above
In Malaysia, older persons are defined as those who are 60 years and above.

What are the benefits for senior citizens in Malaysia?

Here’s A List Of Discounts And Promotions For Senior Citizens In Malaysia

  • F&B outlets. Image via The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Malaysia Facebook.
  • Hotel buffets.
  • Malindo’s Golden Senior Fare.
  • Public transportation.
  • Senior Citizenship Appreciation Programme by the Penang state government.
  • Healthcare.
  • Cinemas.
  • Karaoke outlets.

How do I buy a Komuter ticket?

KTM Komuter’s tickets can be purchased at the ticketing counters or by using the self-service Ticket Vending Machine, which are available at all stations and halts. Senior Citizen Card (Kad Warga Emas) with discounts on any trip. 50% Discount for any trip.

How to become a senior citizen in Selangor?

Open to senior citizens aged 60 and above and the disabled. (Subject to SMUE application eligibility requirements) Application is FREE and application forms are available at all DUN Service Center offices in the State of Selangor Registration is according to the residential address as stated in the Applicant Mykad ONLY.

What are the financial aid options for senior citizens in Malaysia?

There is a financial aid of RM350 monthly for seniors called Bantuan Orang Tua (BOT), which has now been raised to RM500 as announced in the recent Budget 2021. Family members or caregivers are also eligible for respite care, in the event they are not able to help care for their senior loved ones for a temporary duration.

How is public healthcare in Malaysia for senior citizens subsidised?

Malaysia’s public healthcare is known to be heavily subsidised and it is no different for senior citizens in the nation. Senior citizens are given exemptions for outpatient service and health charges. Interested to start a business and be an entrepreneur?