How do I fix Outlook OST Cannot be accessed?

How do I fix Outlook OST Cannot be accessed?

Fix 3 – Disable Cached Exchange Mode

  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Open “Control Panel” and select “Mail“.
  3. Select the “Email Accounts” button.
  4. Choose the “Email” tab.
  5. Highlight the email address giving you the warning (email. ost), then select “Change“.
  6. Uncheck “Use Cached Exchanged Mode“.
  7. Select “Next” then “Finish“.

How can I open another user’s OST file?

An OST file is attached to the specific user account and binds to the PC that was used to create or add the Outlook account. Hence, you cannot open or import an OST file on another computer directly. To open and import an OST file on another PC, you need to convert it to Personal Storage Table or PST file format.

How do I point Outlook to a different OST file?

Right-click Outlook, select New, and then select Expandable String Value. Type ForceOSTPath, and then press Enter. Right-click ForceOSTPath, and then select Modify. In the Value data box, type the full path of where you want to store the .

Can you have multiple OST files?

Some of the possible reasons behind the creation of multiple OST files include: Outlook can create 2 OST files if you have multiple Outlook IMAP profiles configured; for example, one default and one created by you. The second OST file could be an old file or may be associated with a different Exchange account.

How do I repair an OST file in Outlook 2016?

You can also try the scanpst.exe utility of Outlook to repair the OST File.

  1. Run the scanpst.exe from where Outlook is present.
  2. Select Browse and locate the corrupted OST file.
  3. Click on Start to begin repairing.
  4. After it’s over scanning click on Repair.
  5. A Repair Complete dialogue box pops-up later.

What is locking my OST file?

Usually this is the result of a certain add-in that you have installed or an application that relies on the outlook.exe process. So, when you Open Word in safe mode, it will not lock the file as add ins are all disabled.

Can you open an OST file in Outlook?

You can’t open (Offline Outlook Data file) OST in any version of Outlook. You need to convert it to PST file. You can then open or import the PST file to access the mailbox items in Outlook 2019 and earlier versions.

How do I read a .ost file?

You can directly access OST file by using Kernel OST Viewer tool. It is absolutely free to use tool, to access OST file data in absence of MS Outlook. Visit to download the software to access OST emails easily.

How do I convert an OST file to PST?

How to convert an OST to a PST file

  1. Install Recovery Toolbox for Outlook in Windows.
  2. Start Recovery Toolbox for Outlook.
  3. Select an OST file on the first page of the program.
  4. Select the Converter mode mode.
  5. View the content of the OST file.
  6. Select a folder for saving converted data.
  7. Select the Save as PST file mode.
  8. Click Save.

How do I change where Outlook stores emails?

How to change the default delivery location

  1. On the File tab, click Info, click Account Settings, and then click Account settings.
  2. In the Account Settings dialog box, on the E-mail tab, select the existing account that you want to change.
  3. Click Change Folder, and then select the Outlook Data File (.

Why do I have 2 Outlook OST files?

Outlook application creates the two OST files in case if you have multiple IMAP profiles are configured. One is the default profile and other is created by you. 2. Due to corruption in the local stored active directory account, it might create two OST files.

Does a new Outlook profile create a new OST file?

We don’t need to back up the OST file because it will create a new one automatically when you create the new Outlook profile. And if you want to migrate data from one account to another account, we suggest you follow the steps below to do that: 1. Configure your old mailbox on the first Outlook client.

Why can’t I access my outlook Ost file?

Outlook error “OST cannot be accessed because it has been configured for use with different mailbox” occurs when you try to access an OST file on a system on which the file is not originally created or in case there is a server synchronization issue. However, to understand this error in detail, a brief introduction to Outlook OST file is essential.

How to access Ost file on different account?

You are trying to access OST file on different account Step 1: Login with old username (it should be a cached login), which you had used while creating the OST file for the first time. Open Outlook and export the OST file data into PST format. Next, log in as system Administrator and take ownership of the OST file; then import it.

How do I get my Ost file back?

Login with the old username that you used at the time of the OST file’s creation. It should be a cached login. If you are able to launch Outlook, you can export the OST data to PST format. Login as Administrator to take “ownership” of the OST file and then try to access the OST data.

How to export outlook Ost data to PST?

If you are able to launch Outlook, you can export the OST data to PST format. Login as Administrator to take “ownership” of the OST file and then try to access the OST data. Request your Exchange Administrator to manually export the required items from your old server mailbox.