How do I fix error code 122?

How do I fix error code 122?

If you recently installed a software or a Windows update “Windows error code 122” could be due to the recent change in your Windows. It could be a Windows update or a software that is not compatible with your current Windows version. To fix this, do a system restore scan to the affected program.

What is code 122?

Fix Windows Error Code 122: The error code 122 on Windows appears when doing your migration from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000. This sort of error appears as “The data area passed to a system call is too small. (code 122)” and can cause serious trouble because of the ADMT version on your system.

How do I fix error code 123?

How do I fix the printer error code 123?

  1. Restore the computer manually. Restart your computer and log into Windows as an Administrator.
  2. Disable startup processes.
  3. Clean up your disk.
  4. Scan the computer with Microsoft Security Essentials.
  5. Check for system disk corruption with the CHKDSK utility.

What is a Hresult error?

HRESULTs are numerical error codes. Various bits within an HRESULT encode information about the nature of the error code, and where it came from. HRESULT error codes are most commonly encountered in COM programming, where they form the basis for a standardized COM error handling convention.

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What type is HRESULT?

The HRESULT data type is the same as the SCODE data type. An HRESULT value consists of the following fields: A 1-bit code indicating severity, where zero represents success and 1 represents failure. An 11-bit code indicating responsibility for the error or warning, also known as a facility code.

What does HRESULT stand for?

The return value of COM functions and methods is an HRESULT, which is not a handle to an object, but is a 32-bit value with several fields encoded in a single 32-bit ULONG variable. Which seems to indicate that it stands for “handle”, but is misused in this case.

How do I fix the data area passed too small?

“The data area passed to a system call is too small” error when Windows Store app after installing with more than 8GB memory in use

  1. Reboot PC and sign in (Windows 10)
  2. Run apps such that your total memory usage exceeds 8GB.
  3. Try to install something from the Windows Store (e.g. Slack).