How do I find a city by STD Code?

How do I find a city by STD Code?

To get the STD code, users have to select the state and the city then click the “Find STD Code” button, then the STD Code for that particular city will be displayed. Similarly inorder to know the STD codes of all cities and towns within any state, select a state and the names of its cities and towns will be displayed.

What is PIN code Bhuj?

Bhuj/Zip codes

What is STD Code of Gujarat?

STD & PIN Codes

Sr. No. Place STD Code
1 Ahmedabad 079
2 Dhandhuka 2713
3 Dholka 2714
4 Sanand 2717

What is Lucknow STD Code?

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STD Codes for cities in Uttar Pradesh
City Code
Lucknow 522
RaeBareli 535
Sitapur 5862

What is STD Code of Rajkot?

STD & PIN Codes

Sl.No. Place STD Code
1 Rajkot 0281
2 Gondal 02825
3 Jasdan 02821
4 Dhoraji 02824

Which city STD code is 0124?


STD Code City State
01233 MAWANA Uttar Pradesh
01234 BAGHPAT-II Uttar Pradesh
01237 SARDHANA Uttar Pradesh
0124 GURGAON Haryana

What is Noida STD Code?

STD Codes/on Demand Trunk Numbers

City STD Code On Demand Number
New Delhi 011 154
Noida 01189
Osmanabad 02472 159
Panaji 0832 153