How do I filter search on SoundCloud?

How do I filter search on SoundCloud?

On the search results screen, if you only want to search for music, click Tracks. You can also click one of the options under “Filter by Tag” to show only results that have been designated with specific keywords (“tags”). If you want to search for playlists of songs on SoundCloud, click Playlists.

Do Hashtags help on SoundCloud?

Tags help identify what kind of sound your track is (whether it is spoken voice, hip-hop, etc.). This makes it easier for your listeners to find it in search results on SoundCloud. You can add a tag by typing it into the ‘Tags’ field. …

How do I get rid of suggestions on SoundCloud?

The recommendations for a track can be both directly or indirectly related to tracks in this network. Please note: There isn’t a way to remove tracks from your suggested tracks at this time.

How do you use tags on SoundCloud?

How do you add hashtags to soundcloud?

  1. Soundcloud has a built in system for adding hashtags to your track.
  2. Go to the Soundcloud page of the track you wish to add a hashtag to.
  3. In the description box paste in the hashtag you want to add.
  4. After pasting the hashtag press enter once and add a space after the hashtag.

How many tags should I use on SoundCloud?

It can be tempting to add too many tags just to make sure your music gets seen. But as a rule of thumb: it’s better to use a handful of SoundCloud tags that are hyper-specific and relevant to listeners and searchers, than dozens of tags that aren’t a good fit.

How do you delete your search history on SoundCloud?

On the History page, tap on the three dots icon on the top right corner. Tap CLEAR and then tap OK to clear all data from your history….

  1. To clear ALL go to
  2. Click ‘Clear All history’ on the far right.
  3. You won’t be able to undo this action.

How do you Unpost on SoundCloud?

Click the repost button below any track or playlist to add it to the top of your profile, and share it to the Streams of your followers. To remove a reposted item from your profile, click on its ‘repost’ button again.

What tags to put in SoundCloud?

Best Popular Hashtag to use with #soundcloud are #rapperswanted #instrumentals #rapartist #soundcloudpromotion #soundcloudartist #hiphopartist #musicproducer #unsignedtalent #newmusic #soundcloudrapper . You should try these good hashtags in your Instagram or Tiktok post to get popular and boost your view.

What SoundCloud tags should I use?

The best SoundCloud tags to use are the ones relevant to your music, particularly genre and mood tags. When uploading your track, you’ll be able to choose your genre from a list of available SoundCloud genres or add your own.

What is the best way to tag a song on SoundCloud?

Tagging makes you discoverable when a listener is searching SoundCloud. The better your tags, the easier you are to find. The best way to tag is to be honest. If you made a drum & bass track, then set the main genre to Drum & Bass. Add moods and a location to your tags as well.

How do I search for a song on SoundCloud?

Search on SoundCloud At the top of our website and apps you’ll find our universal search bar, which will make suggestions for artists, music, and audio based on what you enter into it. Once you’ve executed a search our search results page can be filtered to quickly find tracks, playlists, and people.

Are SoundCloud tags the same as hashtags?

Yes, SoundCloud tags are the same as hashtags, in the sense that both allow users to find your content. On Instagram and Twitter, that can be a cool video or your take on a popular topic. On SoundCloud, you can use tags to accurately label your musicso it’s found by listeners searching for it.

Should I add more genres to my Soundcloud tracks?

Adding a bunch of genres won’t make your track any more findable. The more concise and accurate your tags are, the more easily your music will get discovered by the listeners that wanna hear it most. Hot Tip: Tag and link to your collaborators SoundCloud in the track description.