How do I declare my major at UNCC?

How do I declare my major at UNCC?

In order to declare or change a major/minor, students are referred to the department housing the major/minor they intend to declare. All students must have a GPA of at least 2.0 in order to declare any major at UNC Charlotte.

When can I declare my major UNCC?

All students should declare and be accepted into a major or a pre-professional program by the time they have earned 60 credit hours; transfer students entering with more than 60 credit hours should make that declaration upon enrollment or during their first semester of attendance.

Do you have to declare a major when applying to UNC?

You are required to declare a major by the second semester of your sophomore year. If you have not declared a major by the pre-registration period for that semester, you will not be able to register for the following term until you have declared a major. See the undergraduate catalog for a list of majors and minors.

How do I declare a second major at UNCC?

Students seeking a second baccalaureate degree or major must: (1) satisfy residency requirement (refer to Residence section of Baccalaureate Degree Requirements) if their first degree was not earned at UNC Charlotte; (2) achieve a minimum grade point average of 2.0 on all work attempted toward the second degree or …

How do I declare a minor UNCC?

Admission Requirements In order to declare the Minor in Child and Family Development, students must have an overall GPA of at least 2.7. Students who declare the minor are required to complete six courses (18 credit hours total).

How do you declare a math minor at UNCC?

To declare the math minor, visit the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in Fretwell 376. Questions? Contact Undergraduate Coordinator Dr. Kim Harris, [email protected] or the department at 704-687-0620.

When should I declare a major?

While it does vary from college to college, generally speaking, most ask students to declare their chosen major by the end of their sophomore year. This gives the students time to explore various electives and get some gen ed courses out of the way. This way, your junior and senior years can really focus on your major.

Can I change my minor to a major?

If they wish to declare a major in the College, they must also obtain approval from their requested major department. In addition, they must complete and submit the following: The department advisor must confirm approval that you may switch into their major/minor by completing and signing a Program Change Petition .

How do I declare my major?

How to Declare a Major/Minor

  1. Review major requirements.
  2. Pick up a Declaration of Major form from the registrar’s office.
  3. Schedule an appointment for the department in which you want to declare your major.
  4. Return the signed form by the noted deadline.

When can I declare a major?

How many majors can you have at once?

You can pick any two majors as long as they’re within the same school or college.

Can you double minor UNCC?

A: Yes, UNC Charlotte allows you to have multiple minors.