How do I customize my CKEditor toolbar?

How do I customize my CKEditor toolbar?

The simplest way to configure the toolbar is to use the dedicated toolbar configurator that is available in each editor installation package starting from CKEditor 4.5. The editor instance below was configured by using the accessible “toolbar groups” approach, with some unwanted buttons removed by setting the config.

How do I add codes to Ckeditor?

Inserting Code Snippets Documentation js. When the Code Snippet plugin is enabled, the button is automatically added to the toolbar. Once clicked, it opens the Code snippet dialog window that lets you add a piece of code and set the programming language it is written in.

What is Ckeditor replace?

CKEDITOR.replace(elementOrIdOrName, config) Replaces a or a DOM element (DIV) with a CKEditor instance. CKEDITOR.replaceAll() Replace all elements available in the document with editor instances.

How do I allow all HTML tags in CKEditor?

in ckeditor. config. allowedContent = { $1: { // Use the ability to specify elements as an object.

How to configure CKEditor 4 toolbar?

There are several approaches to CKEditor 4 toolbar configuration to choose from: Using the toolbar configurator — the most recommended and easy to use solution. Toolbar configurator was introduced in CKEditor 4.5 and is available in each official CKEditor 4 installation package.

How do I type inside a link in CKEditor?

CKEditor 5 allows for typing both at inner and outer boundaries of links to make the editing easier for the users. To type inside a link, move the caret to its (start or end) boundary. As long as the link remains highlighted (by default: blue), typing and applying formatting will be done within its boundaries:

Is CKEditor 4 a WYSIWYG editor?

While CKEditor 4 is a full-featured WYSIWYG editor, not all of its options may be needed in all cases. Because of this, toolbar customization is one of the most common requirements.

How to add bootstrapck to CKEditor?

The first thing is to add the options in the ‘config.js’ file in your ‘ckeditor’ folder. CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function ( config ) { = ‘bootstrapck’; // Define changes to default configuration here.