How do I contact RCI by phone?

How do I contact RCI by phone?

If at any point prior to or during your vacation you have a question or problem that the home owner cannot handle, please call an RCI® Vacation Guide for help at 1.800. 338.7777.

Can I use RCI points for gift cards?

To redeem your Rewards, go to and click on the gift cards section. Your RCI® Elite Rewards® MasterCard® is great for all your daily purchases. Redeem your Rewards for gift cards that you (or someone you love) can use with popular merchants and restaurants.

How do I cancel my RCI membership?

How to Get Out Of RCI Timeshare by Yourself?

  1. Write a letter to RCI informing the company that you’d like to cancel your membership.
  2. Give the reasons for wishing or needing to cancel your RCI membership.
  3. If there are any refunds, tell the company whether you’d like them to be refunded to a credit card or paid by a check.

How can I get rid of my timeshare?

Use the Recission Period

  1. Recission Laws.
  2. Timeshare Cancellation Letters.
  3. Prepare to Sell.
  4. List Your Timeshare.
  5. Use an Attorney.
  6. Use a Timeshare Exit Company.
  7. Renting Out Your Timeshare.
  8. Giving Your Timeshare Away.

How do you accumulate RCI Points?

You earn two (2) Rewards for every one dollar ($1.00) in Net Purchases made with the Account on eligible travel. You earn one (1) Reward for every one dollar ($1.00) of Net Purchases made with the Account everywhere else.

What is the difference between RCI Points and weeks?

The significant difference between RCI Points and RCI Weeks is the length of stay: RCI Points members may book exchanges as brief as a single-night stay! When exchanging with RCI points, the timeshare owner can use their Points balance to exchange for weeks that have equal (or less) point value from the Exchange pool.

Can RCI Points be extended?

You can Extend your Points online at the time of booking your Points Holiday or by calling us. To Extend your Points into a third year, you must notify RCI prior to their expiration. A fee applies to Extending Points, which varies depending upon the number of Points involved.

Who is the largest timeshare company?

Wyndham Destinations (NYSE:WYND), the world’s largest vacation club and exchange company, is on a mission to put the world on vacation.

How to contact RCI Elite Rewards?

(RCI Points Partner, RCI Cruise, Lifestyle Benefits and Experiential Vacations transactions are excluded.) Redeem your RCI Member Rewards online by logging into or by calling the RCI Elite Rewards customer service center at 1-877-587-8742.

What are RCI Member rewards?

Rewards Redeem Rewards for RCI Member Rewards SM Credit Use toward exchange fees and RCI subscribing membership renewals. Redeem Rewards for Cash Back to help pay for resort fees and more. Redeem Rewards for Worldwide Travel including flights, hotels, car rentals and more when you book online at

How to redeem custom rewards?

Click “Rewards” tab

  • Click on the reward desired
  • Click “Purchase”
  • Click “Tap to Confirm” (this reserves the reward)
  • How do I redeem my points for rewards?

    Reward points can usually be redeemed through your credit card reward portal or mobile app. If you are actively working to earn and accumulate points, don’t forget to check if there are any expiration dates associated with your earned points.