How do I contact Montana Highway Patrol?

How do I contact Montana Highway Patrol?

Learn more about where we conduct our training and where cadets attend basic academy.

  1. Contact Information. Montana Highway Patrol. Phone: 406-444-3780. Fax: 406-444-4169.
  2. Emergency Assistance. Montana Highway Patrol. Dial 911. or call our 24hr dispatch center at.
  3. Addresses. Montana Highway Patrol. Physical Address.

How many state troopers does Montana have?

Montana Highway Patrol
Troopers 237 (as of 2014)
Civilians 57 (as of 2014)
Agency executive Colonel Steve Lavin, Chief Administrator
Parent agency Montana Department of Justice

Does Montana have state police?

Since Montana has been a state there has been no state police. County Sheriffs and city or town police have always been the rule. Involvement of the state in local law enforcement was always by invitation of local law enforcement if the locals wanted such assistance or expertise.

How much does a Montana Highway Patrol make?

The Montana Highway Patrol offers a competitive salary and an excellent benefit package to troopers: Salary: Recruits are paid $19.45 per hour while they attend the Law Enforcement Officer Basic Course and the MHP Advanced Traffic Enforcement Course. The current salary for a probationary trooper is $24.32 per hour.

Is the Montana Highway Patrol hiring?

If you are interested in a rewarding career in law enforcement, join some of Montana’s finest men and women in the ranks of the Patrol. The Patrol only accepts applications during an active “application” period. During this time, we will accept applications from entry-level applicants and lateral applicants.

How much do Wyoming state troopers make?

The average salary for a Trooper I is $3,556 – $3,807 per month depending on experience. Once a Trooper attains Professional Peace Officer status, he or she moves up to Trooper II and earns an average salary of $5016.00 per month.

What does 777 mean in Montana?

The 3-7-77 numbers have been part of the Montana Highway Patrol’s shoulder patch and car door insignia since 1956 as a tribute to the “first people’s police force.” Allen believes the first mention of 3-7-77 appeared in newspapers in November 1879, following the murder of a liquor salesman and the trial of his killer.

How big is the Montana Highway Patrol?

243 troopers
The Patrol’s 243 troopers cover great distances to police our state highways, assist other law enforcement agencies and help motorists in need.

Which state troopers get paid the most?

Best-Paying States for Patrol Officers The states and districts that pay Patrol Officers the highest mean salary are California ($107,440), New Jersey ($90,700), Alaska ($88,120), Washington ($82,740), and Hawaii ($81,460).

How long is Montana State Police Academy?

4 hours to 12 weeks
Through a wide range of basic and professional training programs, the Academy acts to raise the competence and proficiency of law enforcement and public safety officers. Training programs ranging in length from 4 hours to 12 weeks are conducted throughout the year.

What do the numbers 3 7 77 mean?

3-7-77 was the symbol used by the Montana Vigilantes (Vigilance Committee) in Virginia City, Montana, USA in the 19th century. People who found the numbers ‘3-7-77’ painted on their tent or cabin knew that they had better leave the area or expect to be on the receiving end of vigilantism.