How do I contact Louisiana Medicaid?

How do I contact Louisiana Medicaid?

The Louisiana Medicaid customer service hotline at 1-888-342-6207 is extending hours to better assist customers. Beginning Monday, April 22, customer service representatives will be available to take calls weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Is Healthy Louisiana the same as Medicaid?

Healthy Louisiana is the way most of Louisiana’s Medicaid and LaCHIP recipients receive health care services. Medicaid is an assistance program that provides medical coverage to low-income people who meet certain eligibility qualifications.

What is covered under Louisiana Medicaid?

Mandatory medical services included under Medicaid are: inpatient and outpatient hospital services; physician services; laboratory and x-ray services; long-term care facilities (nursing homes); family planning; services for early periodic screening, diagnosis and treatment (EPSDT) of those under age 21.

How can I check my Louisiana Medicaid status?

If you are not sure if you have Medicaid health coverage, call Medicaid Customer Service toll free at 1-888-342-6207.

How much does Medicaid pay in Louisiana?

Program Family Size/Monthly Income Limits
LaCHIP – for children $2,330 $3,972
LaCHIP Affordable Plan – for children $2,737 $4,667
LaMOMS – for pregnant women $2,526
Medicaid Purchase Plan – for workers with disabilities $1,074

Is Healthy Louisiana same as healthy blue?

What’s Healthy Blue? We’re a health plan — or insurance company — for Medicaid. We help you get the care you need like doctor visits, medicines, therapy and more. In Louisiana, the overall Medicaid program is called Healthy Louisiana.

Can you have Medicaid and private insurance at the same time in Louisiana?

Yes. Recipients should check with their providers to be sure they accept both their private insurance and their Health Plan.

How much can you make to get Medicaid in Louisiana?

What’s the income limit for food stamps in Louisiana?

SNAP – Allotment Amounts

Household size Max Gross Monthly Eligibility Standard Max Net Monthly Income Eligibility Standard
1 $1,396 $1,074
2 $1,888 $1,452
3 $2,379 $1,830
4 $2,871 $2,209