How do I contact an inmate in Arizona?

How do I contact an inmate in Arizona?

As a family or friend of an inmate you can contact the Arizona Department of Corrections Constituent Services Office/Inmate Family and Friends Liaison – (866) 333-2039; 602-364-3945, or email them at: [email protected].

Can you marry an inmate in Arizona?

The Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation & Reentry permits offenders to marry provided that the marriage is legal and does not pose a risk to the safe, secure and orderly operation of the Department or jeopardize public safety.

How many prisons does Arizona have?

There are currently 48 state prisons, geographically grouped into 14 complexes and two correctional treatment facilities, for state prisoners in the U.S. state of Arizona.

Do prisons in Arizona have AC?

All across the country, prisons and jails are not equipped with air conditioning, and when temperatures soar, inmates are often trapped in unbearable, life-threatening conditions.

How do I email an inmate in Arizona?

You may contact the Family and Friends Liaison by email [email protected] or telephone (602) 364-3945 or in-state toll-free (866) 333-2039.

Can I call a prisoner?

Inmates are allowed to make outgoing calls only, and under no circumstances are incoming calls allowed. The normal method of calling is by collect call (cell phones cannot receive collect calls). Inmates can also use pre-paid phone accounts setup through third party vendors.

How much does it cost to house a prisoner in Arizona?

State prison cost per inmate, 2015

State Prison population Average cost per inmate
Alaska 6,010 $52,633
Arizona 42,131 $25,397
Arkansas 17,785 $20,915
California 132,992 $64,642

How to email an inmate?

1) Search for the inmate using the inmate’s first and last name or by XREF. 2) From the list of inmate (s), click on the inmate’s name to bring up a detail screen for that inmate. 3) Near the middle of the page is an envelope icon to “Email this inmate.” Click that icon, and you will be directed to an e-mail verification screen. 4) Enter your email address in the email verification field, type in the two image verification words and click on “Submit Email Address.” 5) Shortly after clicking “Submit Email Address,” a new email message should appear in your email Inbox from [email protected]. 6) When you are done, click “Send” and your message is complete.

How do you Email an inmate?

Click on the inmate’s name and discover the prison or institution. Write a letter to the inmate and realize that staff of the prison or institution will read the mail. If the mail contains any illegal or suspicious information, the inmate will not receive the letter.

Can I email an inmate?

Most inmates can receive written letters. Usually, the letter must be addressed to the inmate using his name, inmate number and the the name of the facility in which he is being housed. Most state prisoners are not allowed to send or receive email, but some federal prisoners are given limited email access.

Can I sue the Department of Corrections?

When an inmate is injured in jail, he or she may wish to file a lawsuit against the correctional facility for compensation. Current and former inmates can also file lawsuits if their rights are violated. However, the process differs depending on the type of correctional facility.