How do I check my HP switch settings?

How do I check my HP switch settings?

To display the running configuration using the WebAgent:

  1. In the navigation pane, click Troubleshooting.
  2. Click Configuration Report.
  3. Use the right-side scroll bar to scroll through the configuration listing.

How do I access the console on my HP switch?

To connect a console to the switch, use the console cable shipped with the switch and connect a PC or VT-100 terminal to the console serial port. The PC or terminal then functions as a management console connected directly to the switch.

How do I telnet to an HP switch?

To begin a Telnet session to the switch console:

  1. Click the Configuration tab.
  2. Click Device View.
  3. Click telnet session to the switch console to open a telnet window displaying the switch’s CLI.

How do I setup an HP Managed Switch?

To do so, do one of the following:

  1. Enter setup at the CLI Manager level prompt. HP Switch# setup.
  2. Select Run Setup in the Main Menu of the menu interface.

How do I connect my HP 2920 switch?

To connect a console to the switch, use the RJ-45 console cable shipped with the switch. Alternatively, user can use a USB cable (Not supplied) for a console connection. (See USB Console Port Notes below.) Connect a PC or VT-100 terminal to either of the Console ports.

How do I use HP switch command?

HP Switch# Perform system-level actions such as system control, monitoring, and diagnostic commands, plus any of the Operator-level commands. For a list of available commands, enter?at the prompt. Global Configuration Level HP Switch(config)# Execute configuration commands, plus all Operator and manager commands.

How do I connect to Hyperterminal using a COM port?

1 Open HyperTerminal by clicking Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications > HyperTerminal. You can also type… 2 In the “Connection Description” dialog box, Enter a name for the connection and click “OK”. 3 In the “Connect To” dialog box, select the primary COM port. The port number is COM4 in the below example. The port… More

How do I show Tech on the HP switch terminal emulator?

Click [Start]to create and open the text file. From the global configuration context, enter the show techcommand: HP Switch# show tech The show techcommand output is copied into the text file and displayed on the terminal emulator screen.

How to connect to a Cisco router or switch using HyperTerminal?

To connect to a Cisco Router or Switch using HyperTerminal, follow these steps. If your PC Operating System is Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows8 or any GNU/Linux Operating System, use PuTTY terminal emulator to connect to your router. Make sure that you have correct console connection to Cisco Router or Switch.