How do I change my TweetDeck account?

How do I change my TweetDeck account?

Adding a new account to your TweetDeck is very simple – click the Profiles icon in the bottom-left of the window (the silhouette of two people) to expand the Accounts column. At the bottom you will see a field with Join another team above it. Enter your @handle into this field and select from the drop-down menu.

Is TweetDeck safe?

None of that for Twitter Mac. It’s just a simple, pretty app for casual Twitter users. Which is the right thing for Twitter as it tries to break into the mainstream. But TweetDeck is probably safe.

How do I delete my Twitter account?

  1. Tap the navigation menu icon , then tap Settings and privacy.
  2. Tap Your account, then tap Deactivate your account.
  3. Read the account deactivation information, then tap Deactivate.
  4. Enter your password when prompted and tap Deactivate.
  5. Confirm that you want to proceed by tapping Yes, deactivate.

What does a TweetDeck do?

TweetDeck offers a more convenient Twitter experience by letting you view multiple timelines in one easy interface. It includes a host of advanced features to help get the most of Twitter: Manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule Tweets for posting in the future, build Tweet collections, and more.

What percentage of Twitter users use TweetDeck?

Eight percent of iPhone Twitter users prefer TweetDeck and another eight percent prefer TweetBot. EchoFon has captured four percent of the market, leaving 15 percent of iPhone Twitter users for other clients. TweetDeck is the most data efficient Twitter app for iPhone.

How do I link Another account to TweetDeck?

Click on Link another account you own. Read the message to understand that you’ll be creating a team relationship account you’re adding, then click continue. In the new window, enter the username or email and password of the account and click Authorize. You’re ready to use TweetDeck!

How do I use Tweet composer in TweetDeck?

The Tweet Composer in TweetDeck makes it easy to join the conversation, whether you want to share what’s happening with words, images, or video. Click Tweet while logged into your Twitter account. If you’re logged into multiple accounts, confirm the Twitter account you’d like to Tweet from is selected.

How do I set a default account for TweetDeck?

Click Accounts in the navigation bar. Expand the account you wish to set as the default by clicking the down arrow. Toggle on the Default account option. TweetDeck allows you to easily Tweet from multiple accounts. To select which accounts you would like to Tweet from:

Does blocking or muting an account on Twitter or TweetDeck remove it?

Blocking or muting an account on Twitter or TweetDeck does not remove the account or their Tweets from public search results on TweetDeck. Have your TweetDeck columns, connected accounts, or settings disappeared?