How do I change my role in Navision?

How do I change my role in Navision?

To change role center

  1. In the top right corner, choose the Settings icon. , and then choose My Settings.
  2. In the My Settings window, in the Role Center field, select the Role Center that you want to set as the standard. For example, select Accountant.
  3. Choose the OK button.

What are different types of pages in Navision?

The following page types are available:

  • Card.
  • List.
  • Role Center.
  • Card Part.
  • List Part.
  • Document.
  • Worksheet.
  • Confirmation Dialog.

How do I customize my ribbon on Navision?

, choose Customize, and then choose Customize Ribbon….You can perform the following tasks to customize ribbons on pages:

  1. Add, rename, or remove tabs, groups, actions, and menus.
  2. Change the order of actions.
  3. Restore the ribbon to its default setting.

What is page in Business Central?

Pages are the main way to display and organize visual data in Dynamics 365 Business Central. They are the primary object that a user will interact with and have a different behavior based on the type that you choose.

How do I create a list page in Business Central?

Displays records of the source table as rows and columns, where each row is a record and the columns are the fields. You define the list by adding a repeater() control within the area(Content) control of the page, and then add field() controls for each field that you want to display.

Who created Navision?

1 Navision – The Birth of an ERP Company and a Product In 1984 three students from the Danish Technical University, DTU, Jesper Balser, Peter Bang and Torben Wind, founded a company called PC&C. A few years later this became Navision (Fig. 1).

What is Role Center in Business Central?

The Role Center is the user’s entry point and home page for Dynamics 365. You can develop several different Role Centers, where each Role Center is customized to the profile of the intended users.

What is a role Center in Dynamics NAV?

The people in your company who have access to Dynamics NAV are all assigned a profile that gives them access to a Role Center. As an administrator, you can assign and change profiles in Dynamics NAV, and you can add and remove users as part of your Dynamics NAV subscription.

How do I add and remove users in Dynamics NAV?

As an administrator, you can assign and change profiles in Dynamics NAV, and you can add and remove users as part of your Dynamics NAV subscription. To add users in Dynamics NAV, your company’s Microsoft 365 administrator must first create the users in the Microsoft 365 admin center. For more information, see How to: Manage Users and Permissions.

How to create a new page in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment?

In the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment, on the Tools menu, choose Object Designer. In Object Designer, choose Page, and then choose New. The New Page window opens. Choose Create blank page, and then choose the OK button.

What is the concept of UI customization in Dynamics NAV?

The concept of UI customization in Dynamics NAV is divided in two: The administrator configures the user interface for multiple users by customizing the user interface for a profile that the users are assigned to. For more information, see Configuring the User Interface for Users.