How do I calibrate my printer tag?

How do I calibrate my printer tag?

In order to calibrate your printer, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Insert a new roll of labels.
  2. Hold down the feed button.
  3. Wait for seven quick flashes, and release the feed button.
  4. Re-calibration process will begin, by printing out several labels at once.

Why is my Zebra printer printing extra blank labels?

This issue generally happens due to the page size setting of your printer. And when the label size doesn’t match the actual label size, you start seeing Zebra printer printing blank labels. As such the label size is set to 2.00 x 4.00 for the label which actually measures 2.25 x 1.25.

How do I reset my Zebra label printer?

Zebra Printer Reset | Network Reset

  1. Turn OFF the printer.
  2. Press and hold PAUSE + CANCEL. While holding down these buttons, turn the printer ON.
  3. Hold down PAUSE + CANCEL until the status indicator is green. The network light on the far right should turn red at the end of this process.

Who is the owner of the zebra 105sl printer?

Zebra®105SL™ Industrial/Commercial Printer User Guide © 2004 ZIH Corp. This copyrighted guide and the label printers described herein are owned by Zebra Technologies. All rights are reserved.

What is 105105sl Plus series printer calibration?

105SL Plus Series Printers Printer calibration assures the printer will track your non-continuous labels or tags for proper print location accuracy. Select the proper sensor for the media type (Mark or Web) before running calibration and if using the transmissive sensor assure it is properly positioned to detect the gap/notch/hole.

When to print a configuration label for a 105sl?

11342L Rev. 8 6/4/2004 105SLUser Guide 33 Print a Configuration Label When you have loaded the media and ribbon (if necessary), print a printer configuration label to use as a record of your printer settings. Keep the label for baseline information on your printer when troubleshooting printing problems.

How do I position the 105sl sensor?

The moveable or adjustable position 105SL Sensor must be placed so the top of form can be detected. This can be an inter-label gap, a hole, or notch. When using typical labels on a backing with an inter-label gap, the sensor can be positioned along the width of the label as long as it is not over the rounded edge.