How do I archive IDOCs in SAP?

How do I archive IDOCs in SAP?

Archiving and Deleting IDocs

  1. Go to the central archiving transaction with SAP Menu Administration System Administration Administration Data Archiving (transaction code SARA)
  2. Enter the archiving object IDOC and choose the required action, here .

How do I find archived IDOCs in SAP?

Display Archived IDOCs in Transaction WE01 (or any other Transaction) Click on IDOC Number. That displays the IDOC information (control, data and status segments).

What is archive object in SAP?

Definition. The archiving object is a central component of SAP Data Archiving. The archiving object specifies precisely which data is archived and how. It describes which database objects must be handled together as a single business object.

How do I delete old Idocs in SAP?

How to flag an Idoc to be deleted:

  1. Go to transaction BD87.
  2. Enter Idoc number, and check that the dates are correct.
  3. Click the Execute button or press F8.
  4. To delete, select the Idoc status in the tree and click EDIT -> RESTRICT AND PROCESS.
  5. Click the Execute button.
  6. Un-check the Bkgd Processing checkbox.

How do I change my IDOC status?

Change the status of an IDOC, An alternative way.

  1. Give the Idoc numbers for which you want to change the statuses in the selection screen.
  2. Give the current and the new status.
  3. Uncheck the Test Run check box and press F8.
  4. The statuses of the idocs will be changed.

Can we delete IDoc?

There are two options to delete an IDoc. The first option is to change the IDoc status, e.g. reset it to status 31 (error, no more processing) or to status 38 (IDoc archived). The IDoc is not physically deleted, but the status is reset, so that the IDoc does not stay in a defective status in transaction BD87.

How do I remove IDoc from status 51?

You can use this FM EDI_DOCUMENT_DELETE to delete the IDoc. Just need to pass IDoc number which has status 51.

How to archive IDocs?

We can archive IDoc’s with status which facilitates archiving. For example, an idoc which was not processed yet cannot be archived. And the idoc with the status code 53 (posted successfully) can be archived.

How to delete IDOC’s from the database?

After archiving use the program RSEXARCR to read the data of the archived file (After reading the archived file a log is generated with the fields of control record) and then use program RSEXARCD to delete the IDoc’s from the database.

How to archive an IDoc with status code 53?

And the idoc with the status code 53 (posted successfully) can be archived. So in order to archive an idoc we need to check the status of that idoc.

How to recover IDOC’s from archive data base in Sara?

For reloading the Idoc’s from archive data base use report RSEXARCL and click execute. Idoc’s will be restored back. There are plenty of other option in SARA using which we can archive vendor master data, customer master data and other functional documents as well.