How do I access my MikroTik API?

How do I access my MikroTik API?

To start to use REST API, the www-ssl service [link to IP services] must be configured and running. When the SSL service is enabled the REST service can be accessed by connecting to https:///rest . The easiest way to start is to use cURL, wget, or any other HTTP client even RouterOS fetch tool.

What is API service in MikroTik?

Application Programmable Interface (API) allows users to create custom software solutions to communicate with RouterOS to gather information, adjust configuration and manage router. It can be used to create translated or custom configuration tools to aid ease of use running and managing routers with RouterOS.

How do I access MikroTik Userman?

Open any browser and type http://user_manager_router_ip/userman (example: User Manager Customer login page will appear. Put admin in Login input box and hit Log in button. User Manager Web Interface will appear.

How many types of user we can create from MikroTik?

By default three permission levels (called user Group) is created but you can create as many user permission levels as you want and can assign their policies….How to Create Custom Permission Level.

Policy Name Description
winbox User can log on remotely via winbox

Is winbox TCP or UDP?

Protocols and ports

Proto/Port Description
8291/tcp Winbox
8728/tcp API
8729/tcp API-SSL
20561/udp MAC winbox

How does HotSpot work in MikroTik?

The MikroTik HotSpot gateway provides authentication for clients before access to public networks. A HotSpot only works reliably when the IPv4 protocol is used; the HotSpot relies on Firewall NAT rules which aren’t supported with IPv6.

What is Radius server in MikroTik?

RADIUS, short for Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service, is a remote server that provides authentication and accounting facilities to various network apliances. The MikroTik RouterOS has a RADIUS client which can authenticate for HotSpot, PPP, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP and ISDN connections.

What is winbox port?

WinBox runs on default port 8291 [5]. If the default port is changed to a custom port it would require the exact port number to browse the admin panel. It will be a secured way when logging in using IP, username and password.

What is possible with Netinstall?

Netinstall is a tool designed for Windows operating systems to reinstall MikroTik devices running RouterOS (except for non-MikroTik x86 devices). Netinstall re-formats the device’s disk and copies over fresh files on to the system’s disk, this can solve multiple issues when your device is not working properly.

How to install MikroTik User Manager?

MikroTik User Manager can be downloaded from the MikroTik web site download section. In there find the system and software version that you need this package for and download Extra packages archive for it. In this archive, you will find the User Manager package. To install the package simply upload it on the device and reboot the unit.

What is User Manager in RouterOS?

User Manager is RADIUS server implementation in RouterOS which provides centralized user authentication and authorization to a certain service. Having a central user database allows better track of system users and customers.

What is User Manager (um)?

User manager (UM) is a management system that can be used in various setups. UM can be used for HotSpot, PPP, DHCP, Wireless and RouterOS users. User Manager is a RADIUS server application.

What is/tool user-manager user?

Sub-menu: /tool user-manager user Users are people who use services provided by customers and each user can have time, traffic and speed limitations. Customers can create, modify and delete users but the owner is the subscriber who is also the owner of these customers. To separate users among customers of one subscriber, user prefix is used.