How did the Benin Empire end?

How did the Benin Empire end?

Benin City was burned by the British, who then made the kingdom part of British Nigeria (which became Nigeria after the country gained independence in 1960). After that time, the kingdom no longer played a governing role in West Africa.

Who destroyed Benin Empire?

the British
Brutal fighting dragged on for 10 days till, on 21 February 1897, the British prevailed and burned Benin City to the ground. An unknown number of Edo people were killed, six chiefs were hanged in the city’s central market and, when the oba returned to surrender in August, he was exiled to Calabar.

Why did the British invaded Benin?

In the 19th century, disputes over trade led to strain between Benin and its chief trading partner, Great Britain. In quick order, a large British military force—deemed the Punitive Expedition—was assembled, and on February 18, they arrived in Benin City under orders to invade and conquer it.

Why did the British burn Benin?

The British used one of their favorite tactics to burn the city to the ground: deception – they claimed that the Omo n’Oba Ovonramwen had breached a treaty (they wanted to annex Benin Kingdom as a British protectorate, and the Oba refused to sign). The operation was named ‘Benin Punitive Expedition.

Why was the Benin massacre so called?

The Benin army heard about Phillips and sent out a team to stop him at the village of Ugbine on 4th January 1897 where fighting broke out. Only two British officers survived the attack. This event is known as ‘The Ugbine Disaster’ or ‘The Benin Massacre’ because so many people died.

How did Ovonramwen died?

Ovonramwen was exiled to Calabar with two of his wives, Queen Egbe and Queen Aighobahi. He was received and hosted in Calabar in a small town called “Essien Town” by Etinyin Essien Etim Offiong, the progenitor of Essien Town. He died in Calabar around the turn of the new year in 1914.

Why was the Benin City burned to the ground?

What led to the decline of the Kingdom of Benin?

The chief causes of this decline—the incessant civil wars precipitated by disputes over succession to the throne; the adverse effects of the slave trade on the economy and population of the state; and the rise of the Oyo Empire with its effects on Benin trade—have been noted.

What was life like in the Kingdom of Benin?

The kingdom of Benin began in the 900s when the Edo people settled in the rainforests of West Africa. By the 1400s they had created a wealthy kingdom with a powerful ruler, known as the Oba. The Obas lived in beautiful palaces decorated with shining brass. Gradually, the Obas won more land and built up an empire.

Why did the British attack Benin?

When the general public in Benin discovered Britain’s true intentions were an invasion to depose the king of Benin, without approval from the king his generals ordered a preemptive attack on a British party approaching Benin City, including eight unknowing British representatives, all but of whom were killed.

When did the king of Benin stop trade?

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